Libra's September Reception!🧵

HEY :catwave:

Welcome, traveler! It’s the Ber months already, just a few more to go… Hooold.

But now it’s time for my September gacha, FEH edition! (5★ pulls, regardless of exclusivity, amount spent, dupes or whatnot). :feh_lotsaborbs:

Check out the previous rendition, and the other ones before, if you will...

Libra's August Occurences! 🥮

August was pretty alright, all things said and done. Got about everything I wanted, didn’t regret spending 350 for 13 5★s. I basically crippled myself for this month tho, I hope it’s not too bad…

Already, a week passed [Sept. 8] then Special Heroes drop… with a DUO unit… when I got barely anything saved atm. I knew it’s gonna happen, but it happened too soon. Heck. :feh_angrynino:

After working for a bit in the mines, I went for my first batch.

Bow mommy +2, I guess. 76 morbs

It’s gonna be a long month… :feh_ohgod:

More than a week of dry free pulling and scraping content and events went by [Sept. 20] as I’m working in the mines, then I came out with the second batch.

Hopefully, this time?

I should really just start sniping right off the bat, huh?
I’ll take a pretty Blue focus for now, sure. Too much time in the dark mines… Can’t track orb count… :feh_narcian_anguish:

Still had a few, so…

Ah, I love it when they read me like this and held back on Reds and spook me on other colors. NOT :fgo_vladangry:

Time to go back in the mines.

Speaking of freebies...

Good. Still lucky enough to grab some free 5★s! I’ll take 'em.

The month’s coming to a close, I can feel it. I have atleast 2 more batches I can muster.

Time for one batch off the mines.


YES?! Yes. Red Duo Dancer get!
The potential playmaking of this unit is pretty cool, I can see it. :fgo_abbypog:

Duo collection status: Still complete :prinzshades:
And with a few days to spare and save. (prolly not, because Plumeria banner. LUL)

Time to deal with that Astra Flier before we end this.

58 borbs and a dream...

… a Lewd Dream. :fgo_wow:

Got her at 42. I was not eyeing her, but hey I’ll take it. She’ll do work for sure. :feh_lewd:

And that's that for September!

A good run down late stretch of the month. Kinda short again, but good clutch pulls makes it seem worth the dry rest of it. :feh_bkhaha: Cool events and rewards.
Only got 8 this time, tho I got what I wanted and more.

Welp, no world-ending event. Hopefully, never.
Anyway, if 6 gachi games wasn’t enough, I’m thinking 7 is. Yep, trying out Genshin coz’ heck the world I’m an easy sell… :feh_selkiepout:

We’re in the endgame now. Take us home.

Well anyway, thank you very much for dropping by, d00ds! What did you think of my September pulls/stories?
Feel free to drop any of your ordeals/sessions/stories, anything, this month. I’d read 'em all. Thanks for taking the time (or skimming)! I appreciate it. Till next time.
:feh_dedueit: :feh_fabxan:


This month sucked for me, got a quan, Hilda and annette in 160 orbs hoping for ethlyn or duodurd, then spent 12 orbs on both the heirs of light revival and hope and despair banner, then spent 15 on plumerias banner, got nothing in any of the three banners.


This month was fine for me. Only orbs spent this month were 12 on a ticket batch with 3 blues on the PoR banner, in hopes of an Ilyana. Didn’t get her, but she’ll be in the 3 star pool eventually so it’s no big deal.

This month’s free summon 5 stars in order

-HP +atk Deirdre (Dancing Affinity TT banner)
-Spd +def AF!Corrin (To Stay Dreaming)
-HP +Res Fiora (Despair and Hope ticket 2)
-spd +def B!Dimitri (Despair and Hope ticket 5)
+def -res Laevatein (Ponytails v. Pigtails pt 2)

Not bad 5 stars this month, as my B!Dimitri got his first merge (as well as a boon) and Sigrun just made a snack of Fiora today. I did also want Laevatein for my collection.
Next month, or rather in 4-6 days, I’ll pull on weekly revival 10 to hopefully finish merging OG Ike, B!Ike, and Mist. :feh_ikestare: I just need the Halloween banner to be revealed before I pull past the free summon circle though


You guys get free five stars? I like never get those

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Congrats on your free pulls, and on completing your duo collection!

As for me, I actually managed to save properly this month! finally actually doing what I’ve said every single one of these threads

My only orb expenditures were a few for a couple Ilyanna copies, and that’s it!

I also got a freebie Minerva (HM feathers and send home lol, I don’t think I’ll ever use her). Also a free Lilith which is cool, because I foddered my other one. +atk -spd which is fine. My previous one was -spd too lol.

Nothing exciting for me this month, but at least I saved properly. Hopefully I can save for next month too :feh_flaynsmile:




Ah, so the preferential sucks kinda thing, huh?
I get that.
I can only wish that October will be a better month for you. :feh_genny_mug:
Congrats on the pulls tho!



5 free summons?! Goodness that’s hot rolling, my dood. :fgo_ereshwoah:
Good saving month to you, I wish October would be great for all! Congrats on the pulls.



Thanks! I wish I never lose beat. Weird goal, I know. lol

I actually managed to save properly this month!

Actual Pog moment! Nice. :fgo_pancakeslmao:
Here I thought it’ll be a meme here, but good for you.

I don’t think I’ll ever use her

Oh man. I need to cull my barracks soon. Every now and then, I get prompted by it.
But anyway, congrats on the two freebies and Ilyanna sesh!

Yeah, I wish for October to be good to us, whatever it may have. :feh_bklul:



Like always it’s so nice to see that you are doing well in terms of summons.
This month had a few 5 stars, but most have actual good ivs for once.

I did pull more but the only notable thing was 2 Gatries, one of which has been sacrifice for Petrine.


Thank you!
And while I can’t fully agree with this month being well all in all, I appreciate it. Haha

Those are some good IV ones, wow. Nice!
Seems like you got decent stuff there. Congrats to your pulls and I wish the next be good if not better. :feh_sharenacool:


Spent another 73 on plumerias banner, got seliph, sad times

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I swear this post gave me good luck as right after reading it, I free summoned this guy on the Galeforce banner


you know 7 is the magical number. so 7 gacha games is just perfect :feh_annawink: :feh_annawink: :feh_annawink: :feh_annawink: :feh_annawink: :feh_annawink: :feh_annawink:

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September was awful for me… only 5* besides Dancer Eldigan (lol) was L!Seliph. 150 orbs on the Plumeria Banner gone.




Ah shoot. Well, it’s only up from here… I hope. :feh_maridistress:



I mean, I’ll take that honor, sure. Haha
Congrats on the freebie! Hope the luck stays tho. :feh_altinawink:



Oh for sure, it’ll kill me then I’ll get isekai’d. Right. :feh_bklul:



Sucks, dood. There’s always next month to get luckier. I believe you’ll get 'em next time. :e7_kisepout:

Keep at it!


So far it has

Just free summoned this on the weekly revival banner


Great stuff! :fgo_ereshwoah:
Don’t forget to share some of that. smile

I haven’t seen much of Mamoris, but I really like their art line (FE Sessions).


Haven’t been able to log in for more than a week now, FEH (and Pokemon Masters) is picky and doesn’t like our internet anymore, for some reason, even though every other app seems to have no problems with it. Tried some options, but missing 2 games means more time for others. :ak_nianunimpressed:

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