Lick and Psychic in PvP

Is Lick and Psychic a useful move set for Gengar? In raids? PvP? Which league?

In PvE, Lick generates energy faster than Shadow Claw, while Shadow Claw has better DPS. So they’re both quite good. On Gengar, Psychic won’t see a whole lot of PvE use as Shadow Ball is its bread and butter. It has really high DPS output against anything weak to Ghost, but it also dies quickly, so dodging is definitely important.

In PvP, Shadow Claw is strictly better. However, Gengar doesn’t have much use in PvP. It’s just way too frail.

I try to abstain from using Psychic simply because the defense drop chance has never happened for me, not once. Too much energy for it to never work, IMO.