Lick or Shadowclaw for PVP

Title pretty much says it all

Shadow Claw is much better as it does the same amount of DPT, but with much higher EPT. That being said, I would not recommend using Gengar in PVP, its glassiness really hurts it there.

As said above don’t use gengar in pvp. It’s a potent glass cannon in raids, but in pvp it would do well only against specific oponents, while being destroyed otherwise.

Counterpoint: take a risk and use Gengar. Bring it out once shields are all burnt up, and surprise your hapless foe with an unresisted Shadow Ball.

Sooo satisfying.


I can fully relate to this

Use gengar, it’s a ghost that resists charm and can do SE damage to fairy types (sludge bomb) or to registeel (focus blast).
Shadow claw and shadow ball are a must


Gengar The Destroyer

gengar is just budget must on my joke acct catchless. When you have caught less than 1000 pokemon you don’t have a ton of choices!

Thanks for replies