Lickitung Raid Day- which one should be top priority for GO Battle League?

  • Lickitung for Great League
  • Lickilicky for Great League
  • Lickilicky for Ultra League

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Raid day is close, so I want to see what people think should be priority to get during 3 hour window. Personally, I think Great League Lickitung will be best, because of how common Azumarill was in GL, in ,contrast’’ to UL Giratina (it is still popular choice, but because everyone is having someone to counter Giratina, some people don’t choice it).

If i get only one good Lickitung, then I probably keep it un-evolved and max him out later for GL. If I get more, I keep best un-evolved Lickitung for GL and evolve second best for UL.

Lickitung over Lickilicky for GL.