Lif + 10 atk and def at combat

Hi heroes!

After launch free bartre , i decided study your weapon for many options and i test with lif ! The result is amazing

Hes get plus 10 atk and def , and he is imune to debuffs thrasir .


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That’s actually pretty scary lol

This is a really good idea. I like Slaying Edge+ for its accelerated special cooldown so he can proc Open the Future on every counterattack in EP, but making him immune to penalties and receiving extra Atk and Def in combat instead is quite the tempting tradeoff.

not yet, but I put him on my defense project. I need 900 grails to finish the brunnya and start the new defense.

brave camila

Ya know… This is actually a pretty neat idea. :eyes:

I think my Bartre might not make it past his bonus season after all…

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Huh, here’s an idea for sure…

I’m addicted to guaranteed follow-ups, though… I might experiment with this for an EP build.
Note he can still take Spd and Res debuffs, so he’ll have to prepare to be doubled (unless he can OHKO on the counter) and will be somewhat susceptible to magic…
I think more Res investment could be in order? (Res boon, Mirror Stance seal, etc.) If not, might as well ditch DC entirely and go for Fierce or Sturdy Stance. Also, you could pull off basically the same results with the Atk/Def Bond seal, just you don’t get the debuff vulnerability, but also takes no inheriting to make. Then again, Bartre is a free unit…

But I’m also much more inclined to give him a PP build, so there’s that. When Duo Ephraim comes back hopefully I can get him to create super Galeforce for him (HB4, Deadly Balance or Lull Atk/Def, Time’s Pulse, and Darting Blow probs.) I know I could just give him the HB seal but A) The flex and B) HB seal on someone else.
I’m just not inclined to use his base kit particularly much, as he can only counter with Open the Future on the first foe that hits him… Speedy mages will shred him if they can tank a hit.

May well put my current set, he has an unfortunate set of IVs and I failed to pull more than one :feh_elisad:

I might kill off my other Edel and give him Atk/Def Solo too (or just wait for the W!Ephraim manual). Sturdy Impact would also be a good skill, though I don’t have it atm. Mirror Stance to keep his EP intact. Although, whatever he initiates on is typically very dead.

Anyway, that happened. :)


I don’t intend to put res boon on it, because I’m going to run it with an IP team, the idea is to make it return great damage in the open the future.

Using another seal is not a bad idea, distant def? why not? fierce stance is not bad either!

he would have 16 atak in combat, imagine including 6 atk and 6 def with dancer or rally buffs.

I find it very difficult for many units not to fall in the open the future with all this damage buff.

or you could execute it offensive, with sturdy impact or HB4, but you need to be careful with the advance of the unit in defense, the bartre’s weapon would disable.

Or you can just use Sokkvabekkr for PP and get guaranteed follow ups. :)
Blue tanks are quite common due to so many strong sword units, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see things not dying to him.