Lif and a question

Welp. Ask and you shall recieve… XD Didn’t take very long for this guy to jump in to join Thrasir.

He is… significantly more dangerous than I remember. What evil son of a gun in IS decided to give Lif Distant Counter? I also can’t help noticing he’s another Anima hero, so now that makes three with Thrasir and Duma.

Anyways, now that I have that and have a pretty good number of Mystic and Legendary Heroes backing up my ranks I wanted some advice on team building with them and my other units. I can do some of the more standard content well enough but I really know nothing about building defensive teams for AR or arena and pretty much anything Infernal or higher kicks my butt without fail. I am NOT a seasoned team builder by any means.

What are some good teams I can make out of the units I have below for AR and Arena at least? Of course if it’s a defensive team it will have to be one the AI is smart enough to handle.

All of these are the notables I’ve summoned or others I’ve promoted to 5 stars.

MYSTIC :feh_special:
Light: Peony, Eir
Dark: Yune (+Res, -Atk)
Astra: Naga (+Res, -Def)
Anima: Lif (+Atk, -HP), Thrasir (+1, +HP), Duma (+Def, -Res)

Water: Fjorm
Fire: L!Ephraim (+Atk, -HP)
Wind: Gunnthra (+2, +Res), L!Eliwood (+1, +Def)
Earth: L!Ike, L!Tiki (+Atk, -Def), L!Julia (+Res, -HP)

And the rest…

SWORDS :feh_special:
Alphonse, Laevatein (+1, +Atk), Ogma (+Spd, -Res), Astram, Gray (+Res, -Atk), Ayra (+Res, -Def), Fallen Mareeta (+Spd, -Atk), Karla (+HP, -Atk), Joshua, Marisa, Lon’qu (+Def, -HP), Lucina (+Def, -Atk), Masked “Marth” (+1), Ryoma (+Atk, -HP), M-Byleth (+1, +Atk), F-Byleth (Neutral), Duo-Hector (+Def, -Atk), Black Knight (+3), Luke (Neutral), Sigurd (+Def, -Atk), Eldigan (+Atk, -Res), Brave Roy (+1, +Atk), Xander, Siegbert (+Res, -Spd), NY!Gunnthra (+Spd, -Def), Laegjarn (+Res, -Spd)

RED BEASTS :feh_special:
Tibarn (+Def, -Spd)

RED DRAGONS :feh_special:
Idunn (+Def, -Spd), H!Myrrh (+Spd, -HP)

RED BOWS :feh_special:
NY!Anna (+1, +Spd)

RED TOMES :feh_special:
Arvis, Katarina (-Atk, +Spd), Sophia (+Res, -Atk), Dancer Micaiah (+Atk, -Res), Tharja (+Res, -Def), Mage Eirika (+1, +Spd), Adrift Camilla (+Atk, -Spd)

LANCES :feh_special:
Sharena, Ephraim (+Def, -Atk), Duo-Ephraim (+HP, -Def), Nephenee (+1, +Atk), Summer Robin (+Def, -HP), Brave Lucina (Neutral), Shiro (+Res, -HP), Hardin (+Atk, -Spd), W!Ephraim (+Atk, -Spd), Effie (+Def, -Res), Abel (+Spd, -Res), Camus, Perceval (+Def, -HP), Brave Eliwood (+Res, -HP), Thea (Neutral), S!Marisa (+HP, -Res), Cordelia (+Atk, -Res)

BLUE BEASTS :feh_special:
Selkie (+Atk, -Spd), Naesala

BLUE DRAGONS :feh_special:
Ninian (+1, +Spd), Adrift M-Corrin (+1, +Def)

BLUE DAGGERS :feh_special:
Dancer Ryoma (+Def, -Res)

BLUE TOMES :feh_special:
Duo-Alphonse (+HP, -Def), Rinea, Ishtar (+1, Neutral), Lute (+HP, -Atk), Micaiah (+HP, -Res), M-Robin (+Atk, -HP), LA!Lyn (+Def, -Atk), W!Nino (+HP, -Def), Reinhardt (+Spd, -HP), Olwen (+Spd, -Def), Ursula, L’Arachel (+HP, -Atk), F-Morgan (+Atk, -HP)

AXES :feh_special:
Anna, Performing Azura (+Atk, -Spd), Brave Ike (+Atk, -Spd), Libra (+HP, -Res), Summer Xander (+Spd, -Res), Edelgard (+Res, -Def), Surtr (+Res, -HP), Hector (+HP, -Spd), Brave Ephraim (+HP, -Res), Greil (+Res, -HP), Minerva (+Atk, -Def), Cherche (+1, +Atk), NY!Azura (+1, +Atk)

GREEN DRAGONS :feh_special:
M-Grima (+3, +Atk), Myrrh (+1, +Res)

GREEN BOWS :feh_special:
Sue (+Res, -HP)

GREEN DAGGERS :feh_special:
Dancer Elincia (+Spd, -Def)

GREEN TOMES :feh_special:
Deirdre (+Res, -Spd), Julia (+Res, -HP), Nino (+3, +Spd), Performing Inigo (+Def, -Spd), Rhajat (+HP, -Spd), Green Olwen (+Def, -Res), LA!Lilina (+Spd, -Def), Valentines Mist (+HP, -Atk), S!Veronica (+1, +Atk), Flier Nino (+Spd, -Def), Brave Micaiah (Neutral)

COLORLESS BEASTS :feh_special:
Velouria (+Res, -Def), Leanne (+Spd, -Res)

Fallen Tiki (+Atk, -Def)

COLORLESS BOWS :feh_special:
Soiree Nephenee (+Def, -Res), NY!Corrin, Takumi (+HP, -Atk), Fallen Takumi, S!Loki, Bow Hinoka (+Res, -Spd)

Sothe (+Spd, -Res), Performing Olivia (+HP, -Res), H!Sakura (+HP, -Spd), Summer Linde (+HP, -Spd)

STAVES :feh_special:
Maria (+3, +Res), Bride Lyn (+Def, -Spd), Mist (+Def, -Spd), Mikoto (+Spd, -HP; plus another I’m keeping for skills), Sakura (+Res, -Spd), Brave Veronica (Neutral), Maribelle (+Res, -HP), Bride Fjorm (+Res, -Atk), Brave Camilla (+1, +Spd)

That is very confusing to read. Also I’m not the best at team building. I can give you (very limited) AR defense advice and some Arena stuff, but tbh teams don’t matter that much. (I mean they do but I can run Altina with anyone and it doesn’t hurt Altina)

Also what tier are you in AR and Arena?

Arena tier is 18, not that far from 20.
AR Tier is only 3, mostly because I haven’t participated in it much. I have to be honest, AR as a whole confuses me. And it’s even trickier for defensive setups on both modes since I can’t directly control them and it’s up to the AI against whoever’s fighting it.

Don’t worry about arena defense nobody cares. AR I can help you with. Arena you’re about the same tier as me. What are you’re highest merged units?

Those would be Nino, the Black Knight, and M-Grima (who seems to enjoy popping up at extremely random times… out of all of those, only one appeared as a Focus).
Technically Maria ties with them too, but she’s more of a casual project I’'ve been working on because why not. Arena is not something I would really use her for.
Gunnthra brings up second place.

So just slap you’re highest merges units onto arena. Put a dual rally (doesn’t have to be +, Oscar, Frederick and Tailtu have some I think). Put Aether an all those that can viably use it. Maximize your arena score

That’s a calculator you use to figure out the highest arena score. Scoring matters more than actual team composition in Arena

If you’re only that low tier in AR it should be fairly easy. With level 2 forts you can get to about tier 10-12 without scoring well or making a good defense. At tier 13ish you’ll probably need some mythics on your team and a lvl 3 offense fort hopefully. Then once you’ve done that at tier 15-18 you should probably make a proper defense team

I mean for Anima just pull one more copy of each mythic and you don’t have to make a good defense team anymore

Lol that’s literally what I do

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I mean at this point you can actually have a full defense team of just relevant mythics. With 2 of each mythic your lift loss from a failed defense would be almost non-existent(for me 1 Duma, 1 +1 Thrasir, and 4 blessed heroes drops the lift down to like 29 I think)