Lif boon

What would everyone say is the best boon for Lif? I have a +atk, +res, and +def now.

+Atk or +Res, I’d say. :feh_legion:

The former mostly.


+Atk everytime


It depends but +atk for overall uses imo.
+res if you want him to be a mixed tank.
+def if you want him to especially face other physical units

Well everyone’s saying +Atk, but since his intended use is in AR(land of mages as far as the eye can see) I’d argue he needs his Res much more since Duma is boosting his Atk in that mode anyways

Definitely +Atk, especially since it’s a superboon and you get +4 atk instead of a classic +3.

I like Res on him tbh

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+ATK is the best for him, of course it depends of what you want him to do but:

  • Attack is a superboon
  • He has guaranteed doubles if you put him near an ally (up to 3-square distance) and attack will make these doubles deal more damage

Overall how I think he’d perform best :thinking:

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