Líf stats

superboon attack


Still doesn’t look that interesting to me.


He looks ok, I was honestly expecting a lot worse.

Good BST but each stat is not super high. Too much of a jack of all trades imo, but the stats are pretty good


godly res stat

It was to be expected those would be his stats, I mean just look at his stats from the last time we fought him

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Decent statline, considering he will most likely be getting +4 to all stats in combat and inflict atk/def lull in combat while guaranteeing a follow up attack, should he be procing his weapon and b slot correctly. Also factor in the quickened pulse in the base kit and he should be firing an instant Open the Future special too.

I’m honestly surprised he’s doesn’t have higher stats all around, but I’m glad his stats aren’t just straight up busted.

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I almost kind of wish he denied followups like Duo Fonse instead of guranteeing his own. His spd would have more use and he wouldn’t be as risky to run.

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Well, I mean on PP he mostly kills anything before they even get their second attack off, on EP the only time the foe gets a second hit on him is if they live through his special otherwise they don’t get a follow-up… so in a way he does stop foe’s follow-up’s

He’ll one-shot most things on his first counterattack, but almost anything that a player with half a brain would be using to initiate on him on offense will one round him if he fails to KO. Any blue with 75ish physical bulk would do the job. Pretty risky on a frontliner, although he does have a much better player phase than Seliph.


Hmm, it’s safe to dump his speed as his weapon grants doubles, an attack superboon will greatly favor him overall

Not too shabby at all. :feh_royyes:

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Just to clarify, Deadly Balance inflicts -5 Atk/Def during combat but doesn’t neutralize buffs to enemy Atk/Def. So it’s not a lull effect, just the stat debuffs.


i wish he had more res :pensive:

I wanted him for fodder, but with +atk I’m a little unsure.

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DC + Time’s Pulse for AR tank I say.

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Probably. Was going to give Fir TP but I guess she’ll have to wait.

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Also just realized, him and Thrasir are my only mythics for Astra season. Lol.

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I have neither unfortunately, and I doubt I’ll summon more on the banner. I did first circle just in case. Unless the banners for the Anniversary are uninteresting to me, I’ll let it be.


I’ve been saving for this banner for a while since I’m merging Lucina. Luckily got 2 of her. Also got Byleth, Ephraim and Caineghis as well. So not a bad haul. Red and colorless are both good where I’d be fine with any of the three units, so this was a good banner for me.

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