Life and Death 4 on Kagero?

I have a +10 merged +Atk Kagero with her refine and I’m considering giving her Life and Death 4 to help proc her weapon better. I have two options: Igrene (for LnD4 and Special Spiral/Pulse Smoke) or Leila (for LnD4 a dual rally+/Ruse). While I do have a Duel Infantry skill on her as an option, I don’t use her in Arena modes or AR (just happened to get an extra Loki and Virion already has it).


LnD 4 and SS for infinite Glimmer (or Blazings with HB seal)

Basically recreating Igrene as a 4* with way less HP and the same sized assets.


I personally use fury on mine
I like to keep her bulk because of her PRF and it makes her kinda tanky.

Her b skill was for AR. Haven’t used her much in a while

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It’s definitely one of her better A-slot options :feh_birbpeek:

Impact and Fury are probably better for AR-D to either secure survival or set-up WoM but as you said that isn’t your focus

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Hehe, ‘assets’. I’ve always referred to Igrene as the stacked archer, because of all her great skills, of course… Also loved Louise’s line in FB “To think little Igrene would grow to be such a woman”, my personal canon is she’s somewhat lusting over those womanly curves with that line.

On topic, Igrene is certainly the better fodder for passing SS as well. I’ve never had her so gave a Selena and then Null-F so no one can auto-follow up after her damage reduction.


It’s very good, mine has made excellent use of it


That’s a real assassination build

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Yep, and she’s damn good at it. Outside of the tankiest of tanks and some hyper inflated stat balls in some modes there’s little that can survive her. And even if they do, her 50% DR from her weapon makes her a lot harder to kill than one would expect.

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It ought to serve her fairly well. Her weapon checks visible attack, I believe, not in-combat attack, so L&D and Fury can potentially get her weapon activating in situations where, like, Death Blow or an Impact skill wouldn’t. The loss in bulk is annoying, but 50% damage reduction means she still comes out to effectively 90-ish as long as she can avoid getting doubled, which is really pretty serviceable.

So, yeah, I’d probably argue it’s just about the best choice for her A slot.


Yes, her weapon does indeed check visible attack. Which is why I gave her LnD4 even though she already had DB4. And why she has LnD seal now for the same reason.

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