Light Adventurers and Light Dragon Choices

Hello everyone! I was considering using 3 Sunlight stones to fully unbind Takemikazuchi (I have 2 of this guy already). I was thinking that by using him with Ryozen, I can stack overdrive punisher! However, I just got Lucretia and I have one of Gilgamesh, Liger, and Cupid, but I would quite like to try the overdrive punisher stacking. Any suggestions?

Takemikazuchi is interesting, but I would rather invest in Cupid (Pure dps with side healer) or Gilgamesh (will facilitate the High Zodiark).

Well, personally I like Takemikazuchi, though the thing with the likes of him and Gilgamesh is that they are a little bit more focused than Cupid who is an all around pick for all light adventurers and gives crit rate up with his skill.

That being said, it is in this particular case, with OD Punisher stacking (or on characters with good force strikes) that Takemikazuchi shines.

Noooooooo! Don’t do that! Especially since Marshiteen was just re-released. Takemikazuchi is a conditional strength dragon, which are all mostly inferior to the pure strength dragons. Also, the fact that Albert exists in the light pool make overdrive punisher less useful considering how fast he can break a boss. I’d just highly suggest saving them. We don’t know how strong high Zodiark is going to be, so maybe Gilgamesh will be a necessity to survive, maybe he has a super high hp stat, and Cupid would be required to meet dps checks. Only situation I see Takemikazuchi out performing these two is if high Zodiark has the fury overdrive like raging manticore, then Takemikazuchi would be the best option.
TLDR: Save your sunlight stones or wait to MUB a Cupid.

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