Lightning and Thunder : Heian-kyo Pre-Release Roll Thread

How is that “shaking it up”? It’s a rate up in the same period.

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Edit: I just looked at my calendar and saw that thanksgiving is next week. So if they follow their usual schedule of second banner a week after, it would technically be on the days of the last banners of thanksgiving which would be extremely odd. Not saying that it cant happen, just that it is unlikely. So my idea of them adding her to thanksgiving, just died.

While i agree with others that it would be unlikely to say the least, I hella wouldn’t complain.

the lb 5.5 CEs are frankly garbage, and the vanilla SR rate up with ibuki is medea lily for… reasons. Putting her on the TG banner would mean not those and i’m all for it. XD


Do we have a TG unlimited guessworks thread yet? I can see that causing me issues this year :fgo_bblaugh:

Think there’s a guesses based on Korea server thread, but otherwise don’t think so

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There is no such thing, Charm of Love is not on rate-up as it’s General Pool.

Lostbelt story banner people.

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oh thank god, cuz i have zero interest in CoL

I hadn’t noticed!

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Why is that, person with an opinion different than mine?

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I don’t like debuffs. Never have. the additional 15% debuff success chance doesn’t attract me over devilish bodhi, and even though it’s mono attack stat to devilish’s split stats, i don’t frankly care because i wouldn’t be leveling either one.

So having CoL not be a rate-up CE and just being added to the general pool is a “relief” to me because there’s a bunch of other general pool CEs i’d much rather have.

Edit: relief in quotes because it’s existence does slightly dilute the general CE pool

RIP Ibuki


hyperbole. just cuz i dislike debuffs doesn’t mean i’m going to play the entire game avoiding all servants who use them.

I’m sure Charm of Love will frustrate you that you didn’t get another copy of Heaven’s Feel, Imaginary Around or Basking in Sunlight instead.

Just wait until ZerkerBG & HPscope, at least this has a useable niche.

Cards, please. I’m not in the mood for snide little nits like this. You win, or have convinced me, or whatever you’re trying to get out of this.

Just please leave me alone.


In regards to Kintarou skin, will it naturally unlock during story progression at any time, or is it limited to release campaign?

I am on lb4 now, and I already have a bunch of unfinished skipped reading I did in a rush for Fous, don’t want to also rush everything up to Heian-Kyo for the golden boy if I don’t have to.

It’s stated that it unlocks after finishing Act 2 of Heian-kyō.

  • The Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Key can be obtained by clearing the Main Quest (Section 2) of Lostbelt 5.5!
  • Period: 11/21/2022 01:00 PST - Indefinite

Indefinite. So, not limited. No need to rush.

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Rolls with last free SQs, silver zerker turns to gold, will I finally get Kintoki?!

…aaand that would be a no. Well, only one more till she’s NP5.


Essentially, how this banner went for me

Raikou and Kintoki have evaded me once again