Lightning and Thunder : Heian-kyo Pre-Release Roll Thread



You guys get SSRs, including spooks? :fgo_jeannu:

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I think she’s the last one I’m waiting on too. I’ll check later today. After I recently got my first Scheherazade I planned to look into it and forgot.

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OK, I checked. I conflated my Main and F2P accounts together. I try to actually target different non-meta servants for each account so they don’t play exactly the same way.

I just went in order down the list.

Account Status SSR:

  • Artoria (Main)(NP5)
    Altera (F2P)(NP2)
    Waver (Both)(NP1)
    Vlad (Main)(NP2)
    Jeanne (Main)(NP2)
    Orion (Main)(NP3)
    Drake (Main)(NP1)
    Jack (Main)(NP3)/(F2P)(NP1)
    Mordred (F2P)(NP3)
    Arjuna (Neither)
    Karna (Main)(NP3)
    Nightingale (Both)(NP1)
    Sanzang (Main)(NP2)
    Ozy (Main)(NP2)/(F2P)(NP1)
    Enkidu (Main)(NP5)/(F2P)(NP1)
    Schez (Main)(NP1)
    Osakabehime (Main)(NP1)
    Anastasia (Neither)
    Achilles (F2P)(NP3)
    Napoleon (Main)(NP1)/(F2P)(NP2)
    Lord Xiang Yu (Main)(NP4)/(F2P)(NP1)
    Bradamante (Main)(NP2)
    Jinako (Both)(NP1)
    Europa (F2P)(NP2)
    Odysseus (Neither)
    Dioscuri (Main)(NP2)
    Nemo (Main)(NP1)

Account Status SR:
A bunch of them. I’m not made of free time. I’ll update this when I’m supposed to be working, like a true gacha addict.


I might be one of the very few ppl that rolled hard on this banner but Raikou was my first waifu in this game and the reason I really kept playing. So when I had to skip her last banner I was big sad.

I went in with 1063 sq and a goal of getting her to at least NP3 and I got it along with NP6 Robomom, NP3 Banana(previously NP1) NP2 EMIYA assassin(previously NP1), NP5 Chiyome(previously NP1)……

……And a Karna spook.

It’s so weird how I only get spooked on my waifu banners but he’s a new servant and I did want him so I’ll let it slide.

Although, I do find it funny that I got spooked by the brother of the guy whose berserker form blows Raikou out of the water.

Worst part about my rolls was honestly the fact that it was just CE’s and Robomom for the first 600sq

That… that hurt…

Anyway, while I doubt anyone else will seriously roll on this banner I’ll still say blessed rolls for all. Just incase anyone else is a dumb Raikou simp like me… :heart:


Threw a multi from my stash since raikou is one of two targets left for me in the game rn

Danzo is new so I’m happy with her


Congratulations on getting your waifu. I’m guessing Raikou Lancer was your first waifu and no Berserker since you got NP3 in this banner. Normal people would’ve stopped after 600SQ of no SSR but I’m glad that you didn’t give and continued ending with 3 Raikous (and a Karna). You patience and suffering paid off in the end.

Btw did you just roll in one go or did you split up your rolling?

PS: What’s with the secret Chiyome rate-up?

Again congratulations with getting Raikou, and good luck to everyone rolling in this banner.
I managed to stop myself from rolling this time…


Chiyome strikes at weird times.

I got spooked by her twice in the same multi (like 2 years ago). She was NOT on any kind of rate-up.


Thank you! And yes,I got Lancer Raikou back on her banner with Malter and she’s actually my first ever level 100 2k/2k servant with Kama and Kiara following her. I was going to roll the last 2 copies of her that I needed from Yang banner but I decided against it so I could have sq for Berserker banner.

Tbh, if it wasn’t her I probably would’ve stopped around the 600 mark but I have a special ability called “Gambler’s Fallacy” that kicks in when it comes to my waifu so I wasn’t stopping until at the very least NP1 lol…

(Don’t worry I def would’ve stopped if it got bad)

Karna was a nice surprise since I honestly thought I’d get spooked by Vlad and Herc a bunch of times but thankfully it was just her(and banana Oni)behind the zerk cards.

And I just rolled everything in one go. I have a weird superstition that if you leave the banner before you get the servant, that the gacha forgets how many rolls you did and starts it all over. Therefore making it harder to get the servant you want.

Don’t judge me.

Again, thank you!

P.s. between Chiyome, Circe, and Tamacat idk why they always show up for me. I’m still waiting on Nitocris to give me the same treatment.


This. THIS! I’m the same. I’ve tried to split up but usually I don’t get the servant. It’s like I need to continue until 0 SQ otherwise I won’t get the servant at all. Oh, and it has to be on the first day of the banner.

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Yup, it also has to be on the first day for me as well. Only exception being a split rate up.

It’s good to know that someone else thinks like this and I’m not a complete lunatic.


Ya, split rate-up are scary. Mostly cuz I get into a “Oh, will I be able to get my SSR…or not? The first day was yesterday”. Not to mention, the first day on those shared rate-ups, where you don’t dare to roll since you just know that you will end up getting the other SSR you don’t want.

It’s not us who are the lunatics, it’s the world! :fgo_gongofculture:

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I love how we’ve been able to turn this into a personal chat simply because no one is rolling on this banner. Seems like I was the last Raikou simp that needed her. :fgo_pepelaugh:


Every other thread is a personal chat


I whaled Raikou years ago. At least she had a good run in my Chaldea.

Maybe she’ll someday get to play again.


You are not alone, I am here with you.


Living up to your name, I see


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I am EX tier luck rank again, my streak is high, only singles of free quarts have been used. I have achieved:

Van Gogh


The fact that this pre-release campaign ends tonight confuses me since it doesn’t look like we are getting 5.5 until next week (based on the lack of maintenance and the “late November” release they announced.

Wonder why they didn’t run Murasaki first and avoid a gap between pre-release and actual release.


Wondering the same thing… What a long ass dead week we are suffering right now.