Lilina is terrifying

I got a +spd IV Bramimond and I figured I might want lull atk/res on Lilina. Not sure because special spiral with infantry pulse support seems insane too.
For the fun I put lull atk/res Lilina with active special in the mass combat simulator vs +10 hard list.

That’s pretty crazy :feh_hecstare:

Removing lull atk/res did lower the odds a bit but not by much, so I think I’m going special spiral.

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That’s what an effective +34 Atk does :feh_lucyshrug:

Lilina is a really great one hit nuke :fire:
She can stack up a ridiculous amount of damage.
Lull Atk/Res & Special Spiral are both great options, so it just depends on what you have & what special you want to run. :thinking:

Make all ennemies +10 for more accurate results. But yeah Lilina got an amazing OS potential.

Somes olders unit still hold their ground within their strong points

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Well Glimmer seems like a solid option, I ran draconic aura before and that was certainly overkill.
I suppose a AoE special would work wonders too.
I have both skils available. as for team setup… no idea yet infantry pulse seems like a must tho.

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I thought I made them all +10. Or did I only +10 the chrom? :thinking:
I don’t use the simulator often.

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Wait, you wanna tell me, that a Atk stacking red Mage, can kill a blue unit who has 24 Res and is also built PP?
Man, its wild these days how broken Units are


She gets 375 wins vs different units, Chrom was just the top enemy on that list.

Death Blow 10 :feh_nini:

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Give them all actual kits and then say that again, the combat simulator gives every Unit their base kit

Imagine being scared of Lilina when this exists


There’s one thing neither Lilina or Lysithea can do… smell…:nose:


Actually the hard list puts in the units with several builds including tier 4 skills, not just their base kit. Sure it doesn’t cover everything but it’s certainly not only base kits.

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There is always a bigger nuke :feh_sothishook:

It’s the " enable mass ennemi adjustment"
And then “merges”

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Thanks! The result becomes 370/4/1 then, which is still quite impressive imo

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nearly every Unit in the entire list has either DC, CC, Tier 4 Push Skills or Impact Skills with no real B Skill or Seal to help their enemy phase
This list is complete garbage to estimate ANYTHING that isn’t Enemy Phase oriented from your site, nearly every build is garbage and absolutely useless in combat in EP.

B) You also have a precharged Special, no wonder you kill things
Every Unit in the entire game can kill every Unit with good precharged specials, like wtf.

A really good tip for yourself when you use the battle sims:
Never use premade lists
Take the Units you want to fight and see actual results by equipping them with actual builds that Units would have.

Thats all.


My Felicia with Ouch Pouch + TP + QP kills everything in the game with Glacies, she must be broke wtf.

Time to use all my feathers to +10 Felicia again

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One of my most used units, her and Ophelia with 2 dancers dominate all of lunatic chain challenges.

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A) You are right about the list not being optimal or even accurate with actual enemy phase units. Putting in actual units with the builds you wanna beat is a way better check. I won’t argue that.
I was just surprised by the result of that standard hard list.

B) As I said in my first post, I wanna use her with infantry pulse support or special spiral, thats why I put in precharged special. I’m aware this is a big factor in the calculations.

Thanks for the tip tho.