Limited banner you say ? What are the odds?

Today, as I post this, it’s the 3rd day of Under Tides event
We all get 1 multi pull for once and 1 free roll each day during the event, but we already now all that, aren’t we?
Stopped at 92pull, I already got them all.

And today is different, my single free roll is very unusual,
It’s burning… yes
I can only hope for not getting dupes, I always hope for Bagpipe or Rosa, and here I am, still hoping that they’ll come.
Or maybe having Ex-wife or Skalter one more time won’t be a bad case, after all -1 dp cost sure is needed.

But alas, it’s not one of them
It’s another Ops, one of the special one
I’ve never expecting this to come
But here she is…

I mean… whaaaat?

I’ve been raising Ops on a streak since Mountain debut banner non stop.
Just look at how many still on the line
Give me a break already
Hahahaha, but I guess it’s better to have purpose.

Been saying to you guys several times already,

That’s it, have faith !