Lineage of Evil / Frieza Force teams are OP, I'll show you!

As you can see, I have a Lineage of Evil team now, and it REALLY works in pvp!

I will explain a few things about this team:

FIRST: First form Frieza (see what I did there? hehe) a.k.a. Pod Frieza

  • The main thing about this one is: Hover Pod ability: Applies "+30% to Ki Recovery"to self for 20 timer counts when this character enters the battlefield. (Cool… but THEN:) + 20% to Blast damage inflicted PER "Tag: Frieza Force"battle member… SO THATS +60%!!!
  • Against Saiyans, he does another 40% extra Blast damagae inflicted… so thats 100% extra!!

SECOND: Golden Frieza:

  • FOR THE FIRST 60 timer counts FROM BATTLE START, he has:
    -5 to own blast arts cost
    +50 to ALL damage inflicted
    Arts draw speed +1 level
    +30% own ki recovery
    Those all can NOT be cancelled!!!
  • +30% to ALL damage inflicted against Saiyans
  • When he enters the battle field, to the enemy:
    +35% to ALL damage received
    -20% ki recovery
  • To add up, in first 60 seconds, against Saiyans, when he enters the battle field for 20 timer counts: +50% +30% +35% = +115% ALL damage!

THIRD: 100% Frieza:

  • His Blue Arts card: Upon activation:

  • Nullifies enemy’s "Restore health when when it reaches 0"effects when this character attacks for 3 timer counts. (Thats a LF in my book!) OH…and has a whopping 100% chance to inflict Heavy Bleed on hit…

  • Green Arts card: +30% to ALL damage inflicted for 10 timer counts upon activation.
    Counter will activate upon any of the following attacks from enemy when this character is charging forward with his special skill:
    Tap Shots
    Blast Arts
    Special Arts, special move arts and awakend arts, excluding certain forward-charging moves

  • Main ability: +50% to blast damage, +100% to special move damage after 15 timer counts!

  • This is my 100% ability: Upon entering battle field:
    +50% to all damage inflicted for 10 counts
    -20 to special move cost for 10 timer counts!

  • I ain’t losin’!! ability:
    Reduces damage recieved by 50% until combo ends AND reduces enemy Ki by 35 when changing cover!
    +2 own substitution count when activated
    Restores own health by 20%!!! only once when it reaches 0. (Like Zamasu and others!!)

  • And dont even get me started on that bench…
    Metal Coora… barely not in the core… but still awsome as all hell! And +24% blast defense!
    FF Coora … beast mode!! And +23% Strike attack and defense!
    Chilled … one of the best boosts:
    +18% max base health
    +15% to health restoration during battle!

With all the Fusion and God-Ki teams going around with at least 66% Saiyans in those cores… My oh my…
Need I say more?

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@GohanFamz do you prefer the LoE or FF lineup, and what do you think of the recommended gamepress FF lineup having EX Recoome in the core as a tank?

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@Qwerty2424, I’ve changed the article a bit.

I have not gone for the FF team, as I have no intentions of going for that team. I believe the boosts are great, but the teams just don’t have the fire power of the LoE team. When you dont have the critical fighters for a full LoE team, FF team will be a easy team to get your hand on. But some hybrids are just to strong for FF teams. Trunks characters are real beasts when it comes to frieza force as he is no Son family and no saiyan… so he goes under the radar quite a bit!
Vegeta family teams with full Trunks core will be the death of LoE and FF teams soon. Just hope the push out more Trunks characters, Transforming Trunks (purple) and Future Trunks (blue) are great, but they need a new anti Frieza Force Trunks atm, maybe a Red one would do.

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Oh and Recoome as tank is like having Hercule as your main damage dealer, could work. Just not in a good team.

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