List of all released Spinda Forms?


I’m trying to find out if there is a list of all known/released forms of Spinda. On my Pokedex I see numbers from 0 to 20, but I currently only have forms 1 to 9 EXCEPT form 4.

Any idea on which forms are out?


That’s what I’ve got and I don’t think I’ve missed any.


Dex slots for forms 9-20 were only added semi-recently. There was a short period where #9 was available but didn’t have the Pokedex slot.

I’m pretty sure #4 is the only one at this point of the original 8 that’s unreleased.


4 and 10-20 have not been released.


Are there still Spindas out? I wouldn’t know…haven’t seen a quest in 2 months…