List of Whales accounts

“You play FGO for the story, not for the gameplay”


There are also players who play a New Game just to follow and borrow a whale friend support. Imagine cheesing Gawain and the likes…

Which reminds me It’s a little sad that there is no New Game +




This is what makes it all fun. The small quirks, the fights, the story, the art, the girls, the fun. The wish to one day get Hisui and Arcuied banners.


You too? You belong to the Tsukihime faction? Yokoso!

But high chances it will be shiki instead of Hisui. Shiki will certainly be like jekyll/hyde and change his fighting style to the Nanaya Style.


Belonging to Tsukihime faction? Lol, no, I belong to Type-moon faction. I was there when the novels came out before Tsukihime was made. I liked his world making and characters. Of course, he’s still shitty at making those endings but I regard it as a Japanese thing nowadays.

So instead of picking only one work, I pick the best girls from all of their works. So while I love Shiki from KnK, I also love Hisui and Arcueid from Tsukihime. :fgo_ereshlove:

About male Shiki…hopefully not. Then I rather have Akiha. A NP that makes her hair red and flames all over the place be her thing. Again it depends on how TM and DW decides to milk us. Maybe after the lost belts… :fgo_nitocry:

They can always do a Hisui/Kohaku pair like Bonny and Clyde Anne/Mary.

Must be crazy to say “no” to such a pair:


I honestly want to see shiki but I got to admit the pics you shared here with these twins are too dangerous for my hearts.

Arcueid and Shiki 5* :fgo_bbgrin:

Akiha is cute and a yandere, what I like, 4* :blush:


Pretending the thread is remotely on topic My god, the whales have spent so much money on 2D they have become 2D themselves.


Heh, how naive of you thinking that we will get 3 Tsukihime servants. DW isn’t that nice. They will give us 5 servants!

Btw we both know where Mecha Eli is from

Ya, I know. It happens when you give 2 crazy maids money and drawing skills. They transform themselves to 2D.
Apropos whales, so far only one servant has anything to do with whales: Jeanne Archer!
I was laughing when she came out as servant.


By the way, as a true fan who read the VN, who is hisui for you?


My waifu I don’t understand your question. :fgo_seibathink:


You said Hisui? Who is really hisui in the story? You remember?

It seems you like hisui, I wondered who is Hisui for you?

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Oh, Hisui is the one with the Jade eyes, that’s also what her name means.

She's the girl who...

…becomes depressed after finding out what happened to her sister, Kohaku, while she was having a fun time. She’s the cute and clumsy girl who tries to act emotionless since Kohaku told her that she will act cheerful like her (Hisui) until Hisui is ready to be cheerful again. Words which made it harder for Hisui to do since her sister seemed happy and cheerful. Something she doesn’t want to take away from her after knowing what happened to her. Unbeknown to Hisui that it’s all an unstable façade that slowly breaking down.

Meanwhile when no one knows she becomes...


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Yep. They swapped their characters and it lead shiki to think kohaku was the girl who played with him when they were children. They never lied.

I mean, why we took the precaution to put a spoiler? I wonder if there will be persons from GP who will read Tsukihime? From what I’ve seen until now, The Tsukihime Faction counts very few people.

There will be the remake but still…

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it could help the newbies.

True newbies needing help get through Part 1 would do just as well to use my B10 NP3 Herc 90. As LMS, he can carry them pretty far into the Lostbelts.

They don’t need a whale account to do that.

Finally, I’m totally against the entire idea of ‘outing’ whales on GP. That’s not what any of them signed up for on this. If they want to share, if they want to help, great. But it should come from them, in the friend thread. Not from some random person posting their ID to the entire world.

I accept your position and it’s understandable. I have never invited someone to call names and tell their IDs.

What I meant is, if there was a list, they could always find them easily and follow them and they can ask them for an adjustment on their support.

Ya, I’m also surprised to see how few there are. Maybe they are just lurking. I think the first series ruined it a little for the fanbase, though the manga does make up for it, especially the Arcueid bedscene. :fgo_gudakolewd: Hopefully the new game may make up for it. The art looks nice. Also new Melty Blood so maybe…


You have seen it, too?

It was worst than FSN 2006 (Deen Edition)

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Heh, let’s not go there today. Maybe one day in the soon future after we see the effects of the new Melty Blood and Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon. :fgo_ereshsmile:

We’ve already taken much space of this thread. :fgo_rinlaugh:

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The idea of a whale only list is honestly kinda weird and I would not want people to make a list without the people in question’s explicit permission.
You can always check out these threads if you need FL assistance: