Little Big Tengu CQ thread

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Speaking of avenger Ushi part 2


well, since the cq thread exists now i may as well post this here

a melt 4t that took 14 hours of attempts despite not actually being that hard.


Posted this over at the event discussion thread before this thread is made.

On hindsight, the healing CCs didn’t matter too much at all and other CCs could be used in place to ensure consistency.


I greatly enjoy that the CQ this time is Taira alone. Made winning by using Taira alone feel fantastic. And thematically the CE I used, Grudge Match, was wonderfully appropriate.


I tried this again by replacing the healing CCs with more star centric CCs in an attempt to make the clear more replicable and consistent:

Turn 1 to 3 is mostly similar except that Ushi did not use her NP gain skill at all. So during turn 3, her NP charge is only 3/5. This led to better decision making on my part as I simply just QAQ brave chain to whittle down her HP instead of using my NP.

Turn 4:

Because of the different decision I made in turn 3, Ushi is left with more than enough HP to survive a NPQQ brave chain boosted by Taira’s S1, thus removing any RNG required here for her to not die. This is important as triggering her 1st break bar should be done only after she used her NP.

Turn 5 to 7 follows the same sequence as in the video. The requirement for enemy Taira to use a skill and attack twice instead of attacking 3 times in turn 5 is still a RNG requirement unfortunately:

Turn 8:

This is where the crit star up CCs and a better, different decision making than the one shown in the video shine. Knowing that enemy Taira’s NP will let me charge my NP bar to full without me having to use any arts card, I went with a NPQQ brave chain to generate stars for the next turn.

Turn 9:

As a result of the previous turn, I have a full NP bar and mostly importantly, 49 stars. This removes any RNG required for the 2 arts card to crit in order to generate a full NP bar for a 10 turn clear attempt.

Turn 10:

As prophesied, just enough NP charge. So the above 10 turn clear sequence can be almost perfectly replicated by pressing literally the same buttons with a similarly invested and built Taira. The one and only RNG requirement lies in turn 5.

Haven’t had so much fun trying to min-max a CQ honestly, I might just become a Taira solo enthusiast.


In hindsight, could’ve replaced summer CE with PrisCos, or put BG instead of Lakey. Two CS for Shiki’s max overcharge just to direct enemy’s NP away.


Didn’t find any good Taira support (all got drop CE or spawn CE) and I saw a double Salome clear on YouTube and tried it. First time using Salome and I really didn’t know what I was doing, but got it done with CS revive. Didn’t get good RNG on the start, so I couldn’t “loop” with double Salomes skills and NPs from turn 7 onwards… Also both Salomes 3rd skill was only 8, so they didn’t give full 100%. Well, this run was very informative.


I have one if you wanna give it a whirl.

I used Evil-Ushi with double Skadi, and Van Gogh/Ruler Bunny on back line. It certainly didn’t turn out to be 4 turns like the video on the guide, but Skadi came through!


I tried it using Kama and BB as my attackers. Kama took down Ushi no problem and was super useful in charming and stalling Taira. My run was ended on like turn 20 with Taira having only 30k hp left when BB ate an NP as my last stand servant.

Went back with the same team and sprinkled some command spells in there and got luckier on the RNG with who Taira targeted for her np earlier and got the clear.

I gotta say I’ve been really overlooking Kama in single target CQs. Her damage is respectable even at neutral, and that charm is useful in cases like this where Castoria can’t provide hard defense against NPs.


Did an 11 turn run, and this time the RNG was ridiculously favorable to me.

This was the team I used, and the idea was the same as the comp with BB in the CQ guide: buff the damage dealer, switch him into the back, stall out Ushi with Georgios and Mash while removing her DR stacks, and then once the damage dealer comes in, nuke her.
The first half actually worked pretty well… but then after Mash retreated, Ushi was at full NP gauge, so I used the MC’s stun on her, not realizing that she cleanses herself upon switching to Taira. This could’ve been a run-ending mistake, if not for her targeting my Castoria with the Evade CE. Since it’s unremovable, she survived the NP without a scratch, and then Taira spent the rest of the turn buffing herself.
Now, here comes the funniest part: between my Castoria’s CE Evade stacks, two NPs’ worth of super-invuls, and the AI roulette consistently picking the targets it couldn’t damage, I finished the battle at turn 11, with all my servants on the field at max health, and without Waver ever entering the ring. Considering how annoying this CQ looked at first glance, I was quite pleasantly surprised by beating it in one try like that.


Terror time is fucking stupid :fgo_goghdistress:


Holy shit? 9T clear!! Turns out that I just have to BELIEVE that my Genji slayer packs enough damage during the last two turns. There are some RNG involved in this clear and I barely got past the required damage threshold in the last two turns but I’m pretty happy about this outcome. This is probably the limit for any Taira solo attempts for this CQ, I don’t see how an 8 turn clear is possible at all.

And I also realized that the RNG on turn 5 for enemy Taira to only hit two times can be mitigated. The trick is to pop both Taira’s S3 and MC’s invincibility on turn 5, and use cards with healing CCs on Turn 5 as well as Turn 6 to heal up. With Tamamo and Jeanne’s CC, you will have at least 4.5k HP (more if there is another heal CC to use) on turn 6 which should be enough to tank a hit if enemy Taira attacks three times on turn 6. Healing CCs aren’t completely useless in this case.


I put my NP3 10/10/10 and 7/10/x Ushivenger up with the Musashi CE level 82.


Honey Lake x Summer BB

Not happy it’s 6T, should have been 5T and the only thing stopping this from being 4T was either ultra RNG (sac someone for more buffs) or a stronger Van Gogh/Douman (guts stacks suck).

I’m still baffled at how a save scum to use Plugsuit attack resulted in less damage! My luck was terrible!

Murasaki was just there for bond


This was supposed to be without CS, but it turned into an absolute nightmare/
disaster. So, without further ado, here’s Kerry’s attempt at killing Taira

It was at the thirtieth time that I gave in to using CS

Even then it took more than I thought.
Special thanks to @Bradleysama , @AlastairHale and @S0V3REiGN
for putting up their supports. A shame that I had to use CS but I kept getting
knocked out by Taira by the last break bar. If anyone knows how to do this without
wasting CS, please let me know. I’m so burnt out right now.


Unfortunate for having to use a CS, but once you get to Taira, it tends to be a race against the clock with her buff removal. Just loading up on Taunters should help alot, along with something like a 500 Year obsession to slow Taira down later on + a Nightingale Santa for the 3 turn Buff Removal Resistance of you’re ever down to just your dps. Keep going though! Defo worth giving another shot before she disappears :fgo_happytomoe:


Not sure about Kerry, I don’t really use him, Taira can solo this without CS, just need to have a guts CE because at one point she will need to eat an enemy Taira NP. Kyuwu posted a few videos and steps to do it. I just swapped the CE on my Taira for anyone that wants to try a solo.

EDIT: I also put Devilish Bodhisattva on castoria, may be that can help. I don’t have old CEs like Golden Catches the Carp.


I tried with taunters, but Kerry just didn’t have enough power to cut through Ushi to get to Taira. I probably should have done someone else, but I thought he could do it. Anyway I’m going
to take this one. Hopefully the next one will be less difficult.
Thanks for helping out though :+1::v::ok_hand:
Edit: I’ll leave Kerry up on support. As I said, if anyone knows
a solution…