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It might actually be your first? pity :stuck_out_tongue: lol


I guess we can call it that, I don’t want to count that rolling history again. lol


Thrown 6 multis. Got only a Nitocris (now NP8 I think…?) and one 5* gacha CE + enough copies of the other ones to MLB. Stopping here though, hope I’m a bit more lucky when rolling for Caren :fgo_coffee:


Got Seiba Lily in FP gacha, so I’m obligated to spend some singles on the latest banner. Got Ushivenger on my 4th single.

So happy right now since I failed to get MHX a few days ago. :fgo_alterawiggle:


The middle of my 3rd big pack which I then used Singles only, managed to net me Taira.

Thank god for that. This was more of an impulsive roll…



Still no actual topic to discuss the event itself, huh?

Well, I’ll just say it here then: I hate this idea that we’ll want to use Spawn CEs to increase enemy numbers during battles, and I have no intention to use them whatsoever. I’d rather preserve my ability to three-turn everything at the cost of using more AP, than to end up losing my power buffs by the time the third wave’s boss comes up.

Spawn CEs are a stupid mechanic that I’ve always despised. I don’t want more enemies! Get rid of these!

Been wondering that myself as well

That’s why we have those mini supports that give 10-turn buffs. Also with good loopers they can 4 or 5 turn NP loop, so having to do 2x NP on boss wave isn’t that bad.


At the end of the day play how you want, if doing the same 3 turn ad infinitum is fun for you then go ahead. But personally i would get burnt out just doing the same thing over and over, I don’t mind taking my time with these spawn CEs


The extras are always the mobs; the boss frontlines the wave.

I’ll go start a thread.


Posting in case people have it really hard finding the thread:



Except they are unreliable. Since I mainly use Arts looping, I can’t rely on Mini-Jason showing up when I want him to.

I’m one of those weird contrarians that actually likes the grind in this game. As someone who lives with unending mental pain, I’ve taken strongly to favoring zen stuff, and grinding in RPGs is one of them. Makes for a good way to stop noticing the pain for a while.

A confusing response. I’m well aware of that the mobs are the ones getting cloned. But they’re in the first two waves, and by the time I’ve cleared them all over 3-5 turns, I’d have lost my Castoria and DPS damage skills, leaving me unable to maintain the NP loop, and/or doing unbuffed damage to the boss at the start of the third wave. Not sure what I said to cause anyone to think I meant anything otherwise.

So yeah, no usage of the spawn CEs for me, even if the guide tries to browbeat it into its users that they need to use them.

At least this event is Fuyuki-gated. A good, restful event with a cute, non-annoying gimmick.

Edit: …And I was going to post this in the actual event-discussion topic, but I hit that reply button too fast, and so it’s here instead. My mistake.

This’ll be my last event-discussion post in this topic.


I’ll respond over there too.

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My gacha luck in this banner summed up in one servant

I just really need that Mash sends Saberlot flying Clip as a gif. The closure is very necessary rn.


I did 4 multis and Queen Medb didn’t show.

They were good rolls for spooks though.

  • Ibaraki RP
    Fran RP
    NP3 Tsunadere this guy is on a journey to spook me


I just need one more copy to mlb the 3* event CE so I used a ticket on Cu Alter banner. Lo and behold, desire sensor struck again.


See Cu Alter banner

I should stop adding more level 120 candidate :catcry:


Bought 4 big packs on the 1st day:

…and only got NP2 Taira in 780 SQ with the help of some free SQ savings. Absolute disaster.

Decided to invest one more big pack today and:

Such a tease…total damage turned out to be 930 SQ for NP5 genji slayer. Also got countless SRs, event CEs and a kscope along the way. Needless to say she’ll be lvl 120 someday with max append 1 & 2 as well as full command code strengthening. No more rolling for me till LB6!


Pity…They locked my one 5 star servant behind Pity! And I mean my ONE and ONLY 5 star this banner…
:fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside:

:fgo_badciv: :fgo_badciv: :fgo_badciv:
Goddamnit Lasengle!

Rest assured now, I’m convinced they intend to hide Morgan and Koyanskaya from me behind the same dirty lineup. I’ll be ready to inflict them with burning scars by my Summon Tickets and the agony from Lordless Camelot before they ever leech another penny off of me! :fgo_morilaugh:

Farewell Caren, Miss Crane, and Galatea…


Decided to throw a multi on Taira’s banner after getting 2 R Servants in FP summon. A 4* CE, NP2 Suzuka, and my first Wu. I’ll call this a win.


The loading screen ritual is working.