Little Cup Team Discussion

The discussion for the little cup’s pros and cons are in this topic. This one is purely for those who want to share and give insight on what could possibly be the meta in the Little Cup, as well as to share some cheap / available mons to get by through the week this is up.
Since it’s mostly speculation right now as to whether the normal leagues are available, I wanted to make a separate topic that would showcase the different baby mons you could run in this league.

Topics for the discussion:

  1. Which baby mons are worth spending resources on? Meaning, if ever Little Cup doesn’t come back you can always Evolve and Power them up to Great/Ultra League?
  2. Which pokemons can be used as throw-aways? Meaning, even if they are useless outside of Little Cup, they wouldn’t cost your entire savings of dust.
  3. What would be your go-to team for this league?

Here’s my team: (Note that Ivysaur is currently in place since I still don’t have an eligible Bulbasaur, but it’s basically the same thing so I put it in for the screencapture)

  • Poliwag/Wooper with Mud Shot, Body Slam and Mud Bomb (2nd move costs 50,000, kinda meh)
  • Drifloon with Hex, Shadow Ball, Icy Wind (Definitely would replace this if 75,000 is too much)
  • Bulbasaur with Vine Whip, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb (Easily the cheapest one, and the most relevant one out of the bunch)

Note that I have not yet spent any resources on a single one of these. I am still waiting for PvPoke to have a Little Cup meta list and have this team rated.

Edit: I am not using this team in Little Cup since it’s just too weak against the top meta picks according to PvPoke.

Edit: Added list of pokemons for Little Cup, classified into how costly your investment would be (Shown also are mons suggested by commenters below)

Low Investment
The low-investment category consists of Sub level 30 mons with secondary moves unlocked with only 10k dust

  • Cottonee - Secondary move unlocked with 10k dust, (although a rank 1- 0/15/15 Cottonee would be at level 30.5) this mon is the only fairy type Charm user among the baby mons. Other Charmers include: Minccino, Pikachu Libre, Petilil, and Cubchoo.
  • Poochyena - Rank#76 in PvPoke. Secondary move unlocked with 10k dust, and with the lack of good Counter users (the only ones being Wynaut and Bonsly, since Riolu’s minimum CP exceeds 500) this mon can spam a lot of moves with Snarl, Crunch and Poison Fang without much trouble. Rank 1 Poochy (0/15/14) gets 500 CP at level 30. Suggested by devshaw
  • Bulbasaur - Secondary move with 10k dust, also a carbon copy of the standard Venusaur set, the only difference is the 5 more energy cost of Power Whip. By far the least amount of dust to invest in since you get a sub-500 Bulbasaur at level 16-18 range. However, according to PvPoke, Bulbasaur is ranked quite lowly.
  • Dwebble - Rank#27 in PvPoke Secondary move with 10k dust
  • I’ll try to add more that I like among the ones in this thread when I have more free time

Medium Investment
The medium investment consists of sub 30 mons with 50k-75k stardust cost

  • Deino - Rank#2 in PvPoke - 75k stardust to unlock secondary move, Sub level 20.
  • Drifloon - Rank#26 in PvPoke - 75k stardust, Sub level 20.
  • Stunky - Rank#4 in PvPoke. Secondary move costs 50k dust, sub level 20.
  • Poliwag - Secondary move with 50k dust, however, has access to one of the best energy generating moves, and a really spammy move set with Body Slam and Mud Bomb. Level ranges from 23-25 which makes it quite cheap even though the second move costs 50k. This is basically a budget version of Wooper with the same exact moveset.

High Investment
High investment consists of level 31+ mons with secondary moves costing 50k+

  • Wooper -
  • Bronzor -
  • Wynaut -
    As of making this edit, PvPoke just released the Little Cup PVP rankings as such, I got lazy and stopped halfway. But would edit when I have the time

My thread was intended to be for anything S5 related but whatever lol.

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Time to max shuckle now?

Shuckle not eligible since it doesn’t evolve into anything. Drifloon is interesting because it can easily beat Bronzor, but Drifloon 2nd move 75k. I think more will try Poochyena for 10k.

Yeah I do think Poochy is going to shine in this cup that has no good counter users, and somewhat counters Wynaut. I did have one problem with Dark types though since I thought Cottonee with Charm and Seed Bomb (no need for a 2nd move) would be really common since you don’t need to unlock any other move.
I haven’t followed any Silph arena theme battles so I don’t really know what’s meta in this Little Cup.

Cottonee lvl 30 0/15/15 vs Wynaut lvl 40 11/15/15

Ah mybad, I didn’t scroll hard enough to see that you guys were already discussing on the possible meta pokemon. Would limit this thread to only team discussions

Snorunt could be okay. Wynaut is going to be good though. On a separate team Bronzor would be also good. People will like being able to last longer than 5 seconds even faced with a bad matchup. Good call on the Cottonee, it should be pretty well set up for this cup.

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Yeah when making the team my main priorities was that they wouldn’t need to be powered up to 35+, and Cottonee was one of those mons you don’t have to spend a lot of resources into.
Bronzor is a monster in this cup which is why I’d probably have to spend resources on the Drifloon if I want to win a lot in this cup.

Lotad could be ok, it has Razor Leaf and might actually be able to get to a Bubble Beam. Obviously Cottonee would slaughter it though. Thought about Slowpoke, but seems not high enough level at 500cp. Galarian Meowth could be ok, at least vs Charmers and Confusioners, guess vs RL’ers too.

A level 30 Hoppip not going to care much about RL or Counter, but you might need to do Bullet Seed/Seed Bomb+Return for some coverage

Munchlax will be up there surely?

The trick for me on Drifloon is that I still haven’t prepared one for GL, so I’ll do my r100-ish GL first for Little Cup and then I’ll see if I evolve it for GL or not. So nothing too much to lose if Little Cup doesn’t become a thing in GBL after Season 5, because I eventually wanted it anyway for another league.

I really wonder how they’ll filter, if by Pokédex # or with the fact that it can evolve and hasn’t evolved from another mon. Depending on that, I would use my Flying Pikachu or some of the cute costumed ones which have no other realistic use.

But how do you get one under 500cp? At L20 (from eggs, as all babies) its in the 900’s even if traded with super low IV’s.

Ah fair point

I wants to use
deino-> Dragon breath- crunch+body slam
meltan( I know he is not good)->thunder shock- thunderblot+flash cannon or cottonee charm- seed bomb
nincada->bug bite-night slash+ it can be or not that weak flying type attack … ACE)

I’ve looked at Deino briefly as well since I have a Deino sub-500. It has bad IVs since it was caught in the wild, which made me quite reluctant in investing in it. The 75,000 dust cost is also huge. I suggest you wait for PvPoke’s ranking to check if whether it is worth investing in it or not. But as long as you plan to get a Zweilous for GL / Hydreigon for UL, it is up to you to decide.

However, Nincada is different. I would rather not spend 75k dust for Nincada that would have no use outside of Little Cup. Edit: Nincada is rank #17 in PvPoke little cup ranking, with Bug Buzz as its 3rd charge move. If you really want to and you have the resources to do so, you can go for it.

Cottonee is definitely cheaper than Meltan, however you have to keep in mind that Deino is extremely weak to Charm, for example Cottonee, therefore you need a solid Cottonee counter through a poison type/ or have a Steel type like Meltan to resist both of Cottonee’s moves.

Can golbat be on this league?
It can be such interesting…

no golbat can not be on that cup

Yep, Golbat is an evolved mon so it isn’t eligible.

You need a low level account. Pokemon that hatches from an egg has a level equal to its trainer level (up to 20).
The difficult part is actually hatching a munchlax…
And the good thing is munchlax is not that good in LC

Cup 500 CP and i still cant use my smeargle…

Screw you, Niantic! :confused:


Shiny Spinda coulda been a star!