Little Cup Team Discussion

Spinda doesn’t evolve into anything so it’s not eligible. I forsee Charm and Razor Leaf users being popular since they rely on the heavy fast move damage, no need to unlock a second move.

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Yes. I have 2 smeargles. One with Gira-a’s shadow claw and dragon claw and one with scizor’s bullet punch and night slash. I click too many pics of my ultra league team.

Rankings are wrong, they show azumarill and stunfisk whereas they are not eligible. So far it is not useful

Ivysaur’s not allowed, bro’


Will Wynaut be eligible for this cup? I heard (somewhere) that baby-mon wouldn’t qualify, only ones that are the original (e.g. Electabuzz not Elekid).

I believe it’s the other way around. You can only use Baby but not their original forms (ie. you can’t use pikachu but can only use pichu. You can’t use electabuzz but can use Elekid).

I put together what looked like a decent team for Little Cup and PvPoke says coverage wise it is very good. But I got an F for bulk lol.

Poochyena looks interesting, I did not notice that one before

I was thinking of the combination Vulpix/A. Sandshrew, as these beat charmers, razor leafs and bronzor (by far the most oppressive pokemon in this cup). Have not thought yet of what to use as a 3rd, but definitely something that can handle those above + deino

Saw it later, thank you for highlighting it to me

Well no duh lmao’

Am i right in thinking if I haven’t currently got a wynaut, I can’t get one?

I think little cup is going to be a lot more chaotic than the meta charts imply. it’s the first cup of the season so players will be largely under-ranked for a while, and a lot of battles will be against people who are just using whatever technically-eligible pokemon they have handy.


I do, as ever, think about the intricate detail and miss the obvious, so thank you. A lot of my local group horde random stuff (I get offered some really odd stuff, particularly on lucky trades) so maybe…

Well, guess what I just caught. A bronzor. I guess that some mons will be rolled out again…

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Just wanted to share my findings in case some of you don’t know. IV seems to matter a bit more than usual in Little Cup, specifically for those pokemons that get like less than +10 CP per power up. The reason is pretty much explained by the screenshot below. Good IV will have 15def and 15HP at level 40, bad ones will have something like 10def and 10HP at level 29.5. That 10+ levels will make a difference in actual stats, and the little extra attack is nothing in this cup. In the example below, perfect Bronzor will 100% win mirror over bad Bronzor by a landslide . It’s pretty much like a 13/15/15 vs. 15/5/5 in Master League.


I will personally wait out to see how many wins are required for rank 10. If it’s less than 220 wins, it’s manageable and I will probably invest in a better Bronzor. If it requires more than 230 wins to rank 10, I’ll just spend about 100k stardust to get my candidates to 500, and just play for fun :slight_smile:


I too will be waiting to see how many wins we need to reach rank 10. If its 250 or less, I’ll probably go full try-hard mode during the 3 weeks of season 5. Any amount higher than that, I’ll probably take it easy or just wait to see what season 6 has in store.

I know i said 230, but knowing myself, I’ll probably still try if the win requirement is 275. :laughing:

I assume hidden rating will still be a thing in pairing. So I’m planning to tank as much as possible until rank 5. (lose all 5 in rank 1, and will intentionally lose as I reach win requirements for the following sets). I hope that will work :smile:

I thought about that, but knowing myself, I’d probably lose too many matches early and ruin everything for the whole season :smirk: If its a reasonable number, I should be able to do it and get my 1st Libre. I’m just viewing season 5 as a chance to get Libre as long as the win requirement isn’t something absurd such as 300 or more.

I just gotta say, this was a missed opportunity to call it the “Tea Cup” :tea: :rofl: