Liz lancer or d'Eon?

Who’s the “better” rare prism candidate?

I now have enough Mana Prisms to MLB Lunchtime plus enough for next month’s shop. They’re my only unleveled gold servants that I wasnt planning to have. I was saving liz for a while now but d’eon spooked me recently.

Also, if there is anything you can suggest as to what to spend/save my MPs on instead of lunchtime, please tell me. Already have Mona Lisa MLB but still on qp hell. Thanks

I find Liz fairly useful myself :man_shrugging: Clears W1 or W2 then provides buffs to assist clearing W3.

D’Eon has his uses as well but I don’t have him so will defer to other peoples judgement.

But IMO neither is worth burning for anything from the RP shop.


Both are useful.

Eon is a good tank.
Liz is good at buffing the attack of your party, especially female servants.

In my opinion burning one of them is a waste and an error, but it is up to you


A 3T taunt servant with evade that doesn’t eat stars like a rider can be quite nice, especially during some challenge quests.

Liz’s buffs are nice especially with female companions and has a strong np to wipe a wave (I could be biased there, she’s been np3 since around London for me)

And tbh I’ve avoided using lunchtime since some of my favorite servants hit bond 10. Thinking it’s not as good as its cracked up to be.


Don’t burn you servants if is your first copy ,if you don’t like a servant burn his second copy not first one,and lunch box isn’t so useful as a servant

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Experience taught me that if you burn a servant, soon or later you will regret it.


I kinda regret burn my second Fionn,now i have fun using him but just kinda ,but i don’t regret burn nigthless Caster,i just hate her for no real reason

Fine. Guess I’ll wait for another stheno spook then.

So what should I be saving MPs for then?

The mounthly tickets and i thing a new ce in like two mounths i thing

Ah, i hated nightless caster, but after using her a bit i started to like her
Had i burned her, i would have greatly regret that.

Nothing is worse than wanting to use a servant and being unable to bacause you burned it.

You feel like a fool

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for me Eliza and Emiya both already permanent candidate for RP…

Because I already NP5 both of them XD


I don’t know i’m happy with the aniversary mistic code

First off, don’t burn your 1st copy of any gold servant. We’ll get a free RP later on with Summer 2 rerun if you already bought the Medb costume else it’ll be on the Christmas 3 rerun with 5 RP if you already have an NP5 Santera. So CL or ML can wait for their boosts are quite negligible. They only save you like one run in a span of multiples, for ML especially. Forgot the full calculation but someone who remembers might say it eventually.

Secondly, d’Eon. As much as I love Lizzy more than d’Eon. The latter in my opinion has the slight edge for a 3 turn taunt is hard to pass-up on. Sure it may be way more niche than a waifu buffer, a whopping 60% might I add, but the utility of having a multi turn taunt can really make the difference between surviving or not.

Edit: Forgot to mention that during the LB story having VR Mash in your party grants 20% bond points for the entire party so even more of a reason to put CL on hold.


:fgo_buster: free RP you Say?

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I would burn Liz because there are many good AoE lancers from freebie Santa Lily to Parvati, Valkyrie, Fionn etc.

Liz can support fem servants with 40% of ATK up,parv, Fionn,valk and santa Lily can’t do that


Yes. We’ll be getting free RP slowly on-wards. DW has been slightly a bit generous with them lately. From my JP account I was able to gather up enough free RP to buy CL and Annieblond. Granted I burned a couple Maries to top off the rest but still, we’re slowly getting free RP.

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I will continue my PSA campaign and say “For the love of all that is good and sweet and holy, stop burning gold Servants!” No rare prism is worth giving up a Servant, no matter how niche.


Just burn for real hate ,not for lunch box or mona lisa

OKAY. Won’t burn them now. Will wait for 2nd copies or stheno. Thanks guys