Ljósálfar and Heroes (WTf)

Someone tell me what kind of witchcraft is this? Hahahahhahha

It will take a year to complete this kind of shitty mission.


You don’t have a Pain or Pain+ staff?

Believe me trying to kill Level 35 enemies with Wrys is worse. Yes, they had a quest for that before.


Swift Sparrow and Drive Attack are seals for a reason


Not really, it’s called training tower sniping

Hell I even watched Anna tank a Valentia Catria and killed her on retaliation


Unfortunately not. I think I just realized now because when I see this kind of mission I usually don’t do it.

I have all these seals… Peony has Chill spd… Reyson chill Atk… Leanne has drive Atk…

The problem here is that I don’t think it’s worth investing in Askr’s trio. Another problem here is: “Kill a flying foe with …”. You can’t just randomly enter the map (unless you have a lot of stamina), if there is no flying enemy you need to “refresh” the map again until you find the specific enemy… This in my view is extremely frustrating and boring. And look, I have no problems with this kind of things… So… A gacha is a gacha

You realize you can check what enemies will be on the map before going in right


2 guaranteed lance fliers here. 1 even with Sapphire Lance :feh_nino:


Nice. You invested in your Anna right?

Yes. I do that … But I find it extremely boring. Well that’s a gacha as we all know … Maybe I’m complaining too much.

Hhahahahahah. I finish each chapter and prologue as it becomes available.

I mean if you think 5* with Fury 2 and Vantage 3 is really invested then sure


You can always replay them :feh_legion:


A very small investment, but it is still an investment.

Good. I’ll wait for stamina to restore and do this.

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I mean besides the 5* which I only did for the 3 of em just so ai can have them at 5* it’s not really any investment, most of the strength she was getting from these quests wasn’t even from her they came from L.zura and bulk support Sakura


Yes Yes. I fully agree with you. I just think so far it’s not worth “spending” anything on the Trio.

I will do the missions little by little and without haste, because I need more orbs and I’m “F2P”.

I mean it’s worth giving them a workable build, since they all get these quests like every month and it’s st least 1 free orb from each, that and they are free bonus units for when you don’t have any, even just a basic build works fine


Certainly. I will try to give them a good build.

That’s kind of why I brought up the seals you aren’t really investing anything since you can switch them after the quest is done. Using Swift Sparrow seal and double Drive Attack buffs your Anna will have 46 Attack, another unit on the team can run Chill Def (skill or seal) and it really shouldn’t be a problem getting those kills.

Finding those foes I can sympathize with though.


I mean that’s your fault for not promoting Anna to 5* and giving her a proper build :feh_lucyshrug:


@StarLancer how do you have Olivia 5*'d but not the askr trio


Ah yes I understood perfectly. The main problem is that I didn’t invest in the trio. Also the fact that these missions are ridiculously boring.

It’s 20,000 feathers! I really didn’t want to spend on the trio… Apparently I’ll have to do it sometime to end this suffering. Hahahah

A merge project I was starting but I gave up.