Hoi guys, how are you doing today?

I need help since upgrading my operators become a way more frustrating than i though. I can’t make enough LMD for upgrading them and my doesn’t cover my necesity of money.
what should i do?

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Basic rule:

  1. It’s never been enough,
    and always have been.

That’s it.
That’s the main problem, further explanation is unnecessary because It’s heavily based on that very specific issue.

What should you do?

No whales

  • Plan things ahead, put some priorities.


  • Buy those magical rock.

That’s it.
That’s the main solution , further explanation is unnecessary because it’s still heavily based on those very specific issues.


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Switch to a 3/3/3 base with all factories producing gold lol. I did that for the first five or so months of playing the game and racked up over a million LMD (after which point I switched to 2/4/3). It’s dwindled to a little over 400k, and that’s with me skimping out on LMD rewards in events that have it. The one caveat with this is that for those five months I was always grinding EXP because I didn’t get any from the base. However, I didn’t have to grind for any resources when I switched over to 2/4/3. I’ve got a bunch of units sitting at E1 max and lots of EXP to spare, though.

The point is that the way bases can be set up, you’re bound to have a shortage of one resource and a surplus of another. Since base upgrades don’t take up time, you can practically switch your surplus resource on a whim, especially in late game.

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This is normal if you go on a massive upgrading spree you will inevitable quickly run out of money and xp cards. There was a time when I was swimming in lmd and xp cards then I decided to say screw it an upgrade my e2s to max level and before I knew it I was struggling with both.

As OverlyAsian mentioned switching to 3/3/3 will help you produce more LMD. The next best thing to do is cease any and all unnecessary upgrades. Start looking at which characters really benefit from being upgraded and which characters can be held off on. There are a number of characters that work just fine at e1 max level.

i will do that then, since i don’t have any problem by farming exp now that i have auto on the 5 stage, and my team is struggling for exp since i upgrade 1 character per time

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Honestly 3/3/3 Base is just really efficient. I get more LMD from my base than I could ever hope to farm. The upside is I never farm LMD, the downside is that I’m always farming EXP because its just never enough.

3/3/3 is great when you want phat stacks but then you’re left with underleveled operators. Ideally I think it’s best to switch between that and 2/4/3 every so often in my opinion.

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We can’t have everything.
With 1 or 2 millions of lmd i’m fine after that i would just downgrade my base to 2/4/3 like it was before and how overly say


You can’t have everything, gotta choose what you wanna invest in, and ultimately you’ll have to wait for the other things, so it’s just up to you to take your path.

If you can connect multiple time per day (as in, if you can quickly jump 5 minutes into the game to do a rotate or receive the ore), then I would suggest you to go even further than 3/3/3.
I run a 3-4-2 , so 3 Trading post (1 max level, the other 2 lvl3) 4 Factory ( 3 gold 1 Exp) and 2 Power Plant
You wont be able to upgrade all your Dormitory to max but as I said if you log in like 3 time a day (give or take) you’ll be able to rotate your operator in the dorm to let them all rest and receive your factory production before the limit without much issue.

That will alows you to, as you just read, produce far enough Gold and also Exp, you’ll even be able from time to time to switch to 2 gold 2 exp.

With that set up I produce 50k LMD per day.
I’ve read different people set up and never saw anyone produce as much.

Again sure you lose in Dormitory Level, and that require you to connect more time per day to rotate your operator and all, but if you can (and I insist on that point, no need to render the game a burden if you have a job or something) that IMO worth more than the other set up.

At any rate, yeah you will have to wait and wait. LMD and EXP are what player will always crave and complain about so don’t worry we all need that : )


i’m going with 3/3/3 so i can upgrade the whole base faster

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It was never enough even after 9 months of playing since you always has sth to build. the only difference now is reduced my E2 list to minmum(only whisperin and elysium atm) and i am going to focus on masteries for now. So that i can save some lmd/exp for future operators and some what escape that cycle of always have to build sth and always have zero lmd. at least will try.

So make priorites discard some operators if possible also make good use of events lmd e.g. upcoming event have 500k lmd which is a big boost(~12-13 days of base income of lmd), Always buy Lmd from cert shop every month, and from credit shop.

I dont know when you started playing arknights (considering you joined gamepress in april) but it will take time to build up your operators. I have been playing since the first day of the year (every day) and just 3 weeks ago did i jump from 5 to 11 e2 units (yes i upgraded them all at the same time). It really does take time to build them, for the first three months i only had three, two more units joined in later on. The one thing i can recommend is to buy the monthly pass if you can afford it. The 60 storable sanity every day can get you 105.000 lmd if used on CE-5 every week or 52 gold records on LS-5. If you cant afford that, it is totally fine, the base will act as your main income for both combat records and LMD so you can focus your sanity on grinding resources.

When crafting consider byproducts. A crafted material has the chance to give you a byproduct of the tier below. So when crafting a t4 material use operators with a higher buff to get additional t3 materials. Use weaker operators on lower-tier materials unless you know that you will not be crafting any high tier materials.

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i just changed my base and i’m farming the battle cards firsts for my 5 stars that are on lvl 70, and being sincere my problem just went off by using 3/3/3