Lobo vs Gorgon

I really need some suggestions between the two of them.

Considering that any avenger who isnt Jalter is only really useful against ruler bosses, lobo is better because of his ST np and better kit. Gordon’s AOE NP is pretty weak


The Gamepress guide to the 4* giveaway covers it well.

I will say that Gorgon is a decent neutral AoE option for players with smaller rosters. It’s often overlooked due to her subpar kit (which we will be waiting a while longer to see buffed on global), but her raw ATK is extremely high for her rarity, and the party NP refund on her own NP isn’t bad at all.

If you really need something to deal with Rulers specifically, then yes, Lobo will do better. If Rulers aren’t a concern (either because you have other options or because …well…Ruler enemies are just very rare), then grab the one you like best.

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A recomend gorgon over lobo, because you almoust never need a ST Avenger ,and lobo if i don’t miss remember can’t help your teams, plus chose a servant of the Babilonia singularity is kinda tematic don’t you thing so?

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Basically, pick lobo for gameplay or pick gorgon for waifu. Personally, i have nothing against the big doggo, but i just gotta have the thicc snek.


Debatable, Space Ishtar is awesome vs mixed nodes. She is not released on na any time soon though

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gorgon is a cutie but gameplay-wise lobo is way better

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When do you ever need an AOE Avenger? You can always use a Berserker or other class advantage Servant on waves. But ST Avengers are godsends for dealing with Rulers. Maybe they don’t come up very often, but when they do, you want an ST Avenger to give them the smackdown, and Lobo delivers that.

Plus, his buff removal can provide just as much party assistance in a tight spot as Gorgon’s stun.


That’s also true. So go for Cute Doggo. :dog:


Having an Avenger i almoust usless 99% of the time

Yeah, like during fights with Amakusa who can wipe out your whole team with buff removal on NP, such as during Nero Fest.

Or with Jeanne during the most profitable lotto node right now during Da Vinci fest.

For seemingly rare fights, I can think of some rather difficult Ruler encounters lately that made having an Avenger much more bearable. Maybe I’ve just reached a comfortable point where I’m not in dire need of any particular Servant, but I’m perfectly happy to have niche Servants for that opportunity where you really need them.


Yeah have niche servants is fun i have an amakusa

I meant specifically units on NA

Not to mention that, if you invest in him, he jumps out of his niche and becomes an excellent class-agnostic Buster AoE farmer. People tend to forget that his effective ATK is respectably high and that the Black Grail makes him a monster.


Yeah I think people honestly sleep on neutral damage way too much in this game. I did most of Agratha with Altera just to see if I could.


Do you like snakes or doggos more?

With that important question out of the way, I’ll talk about my experience with both.

I like Lobo more and tend to bring him more often due to that and having an ST NP, though he is more fragile since he just has a 1 turn defense buff as well as an attack debuff attached to his utility skill with removes enemy buffs (when will they give him an evade effect on one of his skills, did they forget about Shinjuku?). His attack buff is less but lasts an extra turn than Gorgon (for now). He crits a lot more reliably though, even without activating his star absorb skill.

Gorgon has better survivability since she has a Guts skill and a reliable stun skill (which saved me in a particularly bad run in the highest farming node where she ended up soloing a weakened Jalter and a saber servant, came back from death from Jalter’s NP, stunned her and finished off the saber, and then finished off Jalter), however it’s hard to get her to reliably crit alongside others that tend to steal stars, at least until her buff, which will make it easier to set up even more powerful NP-Buster-Buster brave chains when you get the right cards lined up.

Both have fun and handy features to their skillsets (Lobo removing those pesky evades and invincibility effects, or even regular annoying buffs and Gorgon stunning and reviving), so part of it is which you like better, what your playstyle is, and whether you want to get Gorgon since she’s story-locked and hope for a Lobo spook sometime in the future because he isn’t story-locked?


I’ve got gorgon, and she’s great for Medusa meme teams, but she’s rarely the best choice. I did field her a lot during the early DaVinci nodes to wave clear for the extra class bonus, and she did fairly well with neutral damage. But she’s probably not going to be used for a while again. When she was new I did have fun using her to clear zerker waves, but I have Hokusai now with battery and such…

However when there’s an actual ruler to take out, I’m usually wishing I had the doggie instead since rulers don’t come in waves… She’s still WAY better than the completely useless angry mango if you just want an avenger.


Thank you for all the suggestions guys. They help a lot.
My choice for this free SR will be good boi Lobo :grin: