Local clown struggles with making build decisions

So originally, I was planning to do a speed build for Travant. I even spent orbs to pick up the flowing lance that could help with his power.

But now this Eldigan with the super fancy inheritable lance has shown up and has made me uncertain on what to do with him now. I was considering a purely beefy build instead (pretend Vanguard is the new inheritable lance).

I still have the CYL free summon for B!Dimitri (although I would like to save that for when I merge up Dimitri), and sturdy stance 3 could work (although I’m not willing to spend any more orbs to try and get S!Iduun).

Overall, what should I do? I’ve become very uncertain again…

  • Commit to being the SPEEDIEST Travant ever
  • Scrap the speed and become GIGA THICC

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The thing is Eldigan will most likely be also tanky as hell
So just scratch Travant and wait for Eldigans stats

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I see where you’re coming from. But honestly, I mainly want to build Travant because of his manly voice. :muscle: