Localization in games

Just wanted to make a thread seeing what people here think about Localization in games, anime, and other foreign media.

Fine if they keep to the source material. Shoehorning political ideas and altering character traits to better suit your political views is a no no. A certain localization studio got whacked by their parent company recently for doing just that


Overhated. They exist for a reason, otherwise many translated media would require a user manual since I doubt most people outside of the “muh source material” crowd would have a clue about what was going on. I’m not going to pretend they’re perfect. Pre-2000s and even early 00s were rough and only have gotten decently better because they have some semblance of a budget now. Outside of rare occasions, though, they require approval by their originating company so if people don’t like official decisions then cope ig. Pretty sure at that point they’d be too busy counting the money earned from people who can actually enjoy things than be bothered by some “ackshually it should be like this” rando who isn’t affecting anything in the long run :man_shrugging:

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Not a fan of it.
Its better to keep the characters and dialogues same instead of changing it and causing problems

Gonna throw my two cents here, but I feel there’s some things thay are impossible to work with a straight translation. Some jokes wouldn’t land at all, some phrases and significant dialogues would fall flat if translated directly. Localization to me helps convey the spirit of the script, not necessarily the wording.

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