Lock-on: new hope for Regis in PvP?

In the GP announcement for the new Regi quest it stated that “Lock-On” has been added to the Regis’ movepool (assuming for Regigigas too). Is this an exclusive move to this weekend or added to their regular movepool?
Whatever the case, it looks like a high EPS/EPT move that was much needed for the Regis. However, does this move improve their usefulness in the PvP scene or are their other, high damage moves, better?
I know Regirock has it’s best moves in Rock Throw+Stone Edge, but Registeel in particular needed a buff.

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Initially, Lock-On had 1 DPT/6 EPT, which was just bonkers. Now, people are saying that it got nerfed to 1 DPT/5 EPT. Still a very good move, but more balanced. Doesn’t suddenly skyrocket the Regis into the top 5 slots in all 3 leagues with 5 EPT.

I’ve done some testing, and it’s a pretty fun move. Definitely gives the Regis more relevance in PvP battles. It also has a cool move animation too.

Pros of Lock-On: very good EPT. Earthquake spam was never really a thing…until now. Allows you to quickly fire off very costly charge moves, which can be devastating.

Cons of Lock-On: Makes your Mon nearly 100% reliant on charge move damage. If you don’t one-shot your opponent with a charge move, you’ll likely have to use another, because Lock-On won’t get the job done.

The regis becoming the ultimate tanks in pvp kind of suits that tbh.

I hope that my favorite pokemon will also benefit from this in the future, since it never stood a chance regarding raids

I’d say that Porgyon (probably just the final Z evolution) has a high chance of getting it, though likely as a community day special move.

In PvE, Lock-On has the same issues as PvP. Sure it’s going to power its charge moves exceptionally fast, but performance is basically riding on getting them off in time, which may be problematic given that Poryon-Z is a bit of a glass cannon.

It was obvious that Porygon Z will never be anything else but a novelty in raids. There’s no way that it will ever be able to change types in PoGO. If hidden power’s typing wasn’t locked per individual specimen and if porygon’s charge moves were better than it would be more useful than it currently is. It found a niche in rayquaza raids if one is lucky enough to get a HP Ice porygonZ and it can work as a novelty electric and grass attacker, but it is quite suboptimal there.

That being said, I would prefer if Lock On gets added as a normal move to the porygon movepool and that instead something like tri-attack gets added as the exclusive move. That move was only naturally learned by porygon and doduo in gen 1 through level up. I imagine the move as a three bar charge move in raids/gym battles and probably as a solid pvp move. It’s quite good in the main games.
Porygon Z would function with it differently than the regies in pvp. Those rely on the bulk and with a energy gaining fast move they are now capable of firing charge moves more often. Porygon Z would be on the other hand an offensive shield burner, not a closer. Well we’ll see. I still think that it will get a community day eventually and I hope that it will be something more than just a shiny hunt. I really don’t want this to be something like slakoth/mareep.

#TriAttackCD #JusticeForPorygon

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PoGo community: Regis are trash, we’re not gonna raid much this weekend…

Niantic, at the last minute: Lock-On


But even with Lock On we’re not gonna raid much this weekend…

The raid interest for the regis is higher here than for darkrai. Partly because darkrai needed more people and most didn’t have enough high level counters and well mainly because they can be shiny. PvP is not noteworthy here, so the addition of lock-on didn’t matter at all.
The only time people really gathered was during the raid hour, but even then most people just raided at the ex raid gyms to get a chance for shiny mewtwo.

The regis now being duoable if you have good enough counters and an easy trio with solid counters made things easier. I personally like the most that I can finally use the fire and steel attackers in raids.


Registeel due to many resistances is being listed as a 5/5 for Great League and it does work as a terrific closer. Regirock is really fun to use for grunt battles as he just wrecks anything that does not resist stone edge while just losing half or less of its HP.
PD: powered up to 2498 my hundo Regirock that I got from a weather-boosted raid :D hopefully it can be useful for the upcoming battle leagues.

Just to clarify… Is lock on in their movepool now? or was it raid exclusive for the weekend?

Movepool addition

It’s so fun and stupid to use, cause it essentially just has one move one thing it does, that’s it (unless you spent the exorbitant dust for another move). It’s like a stereo that only has a volume knob.

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Feels like Regigigas in the pokemon series when it was spamming Hyper Beam literally left and right. Really looking forward for battle leagues to use the Regibois.