Lock-on Porygon-Z

I just used it in a gym battle, and I failed to notice any upgrade as a normal type attacker.
Did I miss the point or is there no upgrade to begin with?

Try Return and in Partly Cloudy.

I think it’s mostly a PvP move…

It’s a move that deals very little damage, but builds energy faster. Useless for raids, at least with the moves Porygon has now, since they take too long to charge even with this fast move.

Return is a thing. In PVE it’s still a very strong 3 bar with STAB.

Return doesn’t deal SE effective damage and is not worth consideration in raids.
On defense it is the best move, but that’s because the others take to long before being activated, the damage it does however is minimal.
Sigh, porygon and it’s evolutions are my favorite pokemon, but I’m not going to pretend that they are good as normal attackers, cause they aren’t, since the normal type has no purpose in PVE.
In rocket battles and pvp it’s more useful, due to having just one weakness, but that’s about it. Porygon to be of any use would need better charge moves, that don’t take an eternity to charge. Yes, Lock-on improved this, but even with said move charge moves like Solar Beam, Zap cannon and hyper beam take time to be able to charge. While this isn’t that much of a problem on defensive behemoths like the regi trio, it is a problem on pokemon that lack bulk.

The only way I can see an improvement is if Tri Attack gets added to the game and it’s not as energy costly as the other moves.