Login streak question

Hi! With the 22 hour maintenance I wanted to clear something up about login streaks. In my case, I last logged in yesterday at 1 pm PST so I was wondering if I have to login before 1 pm PST (which I will obviously not be able to do) in order to keep my login streak or if it’s alright if I just log in before 23:59 pm PST.

Thanks in advance!

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I think you just need to have a login within the interval dayX 20:00 PST->dayX+1 19:59 PST for it to register. Since this maintenance is going to take 22 hrs if you logged in yesterday between 20:01-23:59 PST you need to log in “today” after the maintenance ends (18:00 PST afaik) and before 20:00 PST.
Could be wrong though.


it’s once per day, doesn’t matter when during the day.
not like an MMO where it’s a 24 hour timer. if you can get on during the 24 hour period, you’re fine.

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I’ve always been confused though on why the FP gacha resets at a different time.

Yeah, the daily log in resets at 2100 PST (so 2000 because of DST or whatever) but the FP gacha resets at 1600 instead.

:mordredthink: Never understood the difference.

It’s not just the FP gacha, I think the dailies in Chaldea reset at the same time but since that usually happens at 2-3am for me I very rarely caught the changing of the guard. No idea why though, must be a hour in JP thing.

I don’t remember the original daily reset time, but they moved it to line up better with the reset time once they made PST the official server timezone.
They moved the daily reset, but I guess not the other reset times.

The only change I can remember is changing the time zone they reported things in (UTC to PST), but the actual time of day remained the same.

I definitely remember them moving the reset time.

Maybe it was before I started, around the first Christmas event?

It was definitely last year, but I can’t remember offhand when it happened.
Searching for it isn’t coming up with anything either, it would be in update notices if those are searchable somewhere.

From what I’ve read, the login streak count resets at 20:00 PM PST, so that means that we have 2 hours since the maintenance is (supposedly) over at 18:00 PM to login

I don’t remember this, and I’ve been playing since near the start for na

outside of dst on/off shenanigans, of course

Good luck trying to login during that time, because EVERYONE will be trying to do so.

It’ll be more chaotic that the friggin’ Apocalypse.


I live in Europe, so looks like its either “try to log in at 4 am” or “lose 10 tickets” choice for me. Fun times…

Well, FGO is not available in my country so i will have to first download apk, install it and then log in. And hope they will not break emulator support again.

if you’re running off of android, that apk should be up now

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