Lon’qu theory build

So I only just realized that Lon’qu has a personal weapon and I decided to mess around with it in the unit builder. Now I really wish I could build him.

With LnD and fort: def/res, he has atk +3, spd +5, and def/res+ 1. He then has flashing blade so he can charge aether in one round of combat if the enemy is melee and initiates or counterattacks and the next round he can use it. The wrath allows for it to charge a little faster as well has giving an additional +10 to his aether. Then he has smoke atk to ensure he isn’t one shot. What do you guys think?

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I think I prefer to have a +spd refine with fierce breath; compared to life and death + fortress def/res that’s +1 atk +2 hp and -2 spd -1 def and -1 res. But he can trigger aether on his second attack and can run another seal in his S slot; however, maybe that’s not that great if he deals too many damages on his first attack and then doesn’t heal enough on his aether hit… :thinking:

Or maybe this build is just balanced enough to reach the wrath threshold most of the time? Anyway it seems to be a fun build!

That can definitely work. I, however wouldn’t be able to give up a legendary unit for it. Also, I prefer to have it charged outside of combat so that the target of Aether can be chosen and he would be able to heal more or take care of a troublesome unit. Also, I didn’t think about the fact that his weapon has -1 charge so Aether is 4 instead of 5. With that being said, wrath could be switched out for guard or even renewal. It’s still useable but is no longer as important.

on a side note, I’m considering to do a maybe bi-daily thread making different expensive/budget tank/mixed builds for your guys choice of unit. Would anyone be interested in that? If so, please also put the unit you would want and I’ll put up a poll of a few of them to be concluded tonight.

You can also consider Null Follow-up in that case for a high budget build, but it doesn’t look the same as your original build… I guess I went too far lol

I would like to see non-galeforce non-LnD Linus, but I can’t find a build I really like for him besides the one I have currently on him… So if no one has other units they want to see a build I would like if you could do something for my desperate case xD

I could definitely do that. I’ll still give a LnD build for any others who would be interested.

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I dunno. Fortress Def/Res seems kinda like a waste considering he doesn’t really want that much bulk (not to mention the resistance is pretty meh, he can do mildly well against dragons already thanks to his high HP).

Not sure I like Aether on him either, but I haven’t tested it, so…

I think I prefer him with an AoE special to be honest. His sword puts it to 3, Flashing Blade puts it to 1 after hitting and, if in Wrath range, puts it to ready your next turn.

I see where your coming from. I have a bit of a bias here though, as I really like tank and enemy phase units.

Well if it’s tanking, then there’s always the Shield Pulse + Pavise build.