Long time no see everyone!

Hiya everyone! I haven’t been on since last summer and my phone died from an electrical problem a few months ago and well, I lost my account, but I normally make an alt every new years, so it’s fine. Alot in life has happened, including:
College: I got accepted to go to a college on the other side of the world, Australia, matter of fact! (Please let the borders be open by August)
Trans: big time changes here too, I got on a good dosage of hrt and not getting trans dysphoria I used to get. :fgo_happytomoe:
Health: I got diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (uses to be Multiple Personality Disorder) so that’s a big process, although I’ve been pretty sure I had it for a long time. (So, sorry if I seem different suddenly while talking in a discussion)
(If you have any questions you can always ask to)

Anyways, I know it’s a wall of off topic text so all summed up if you don’t want to read:

I’m back everyone! :feh_ardenwoke: (in time for Arden too)


Hmm can’t remember you and I am one of the oldest members here. Could be the case that we never actually talked with each other?
Anyway cool that you are back. Looks like you had quiet the adventure. Didn’t even knew we had a trans person in our forum, but maybe I should chat more with all of you^^
I like a lot of text so it is fine.




Anyways I do hope borders will be open soon enough :feh_eirikathink:


Hehe, I know you! Nobody

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Hiya to you too :fgo_ereshlove:

This is @myrrhder iirc, just a different account. And welcome back!


Thanks for the reminder. I remember myrrhder, but never had much contact.


I remember ya! Can’t say we talked too much but I do remember that pfp.

Welcome back and nice to see things have been going good for you.

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Oh, you’re back !

While we haven’t talked much, I remember you and it’s always nice to see members back !

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If myrrhder didn’t already +10 myrrh, dude would’ve found his account in seconds to post in euphoria when the new limited ephemera came out.


Welcome back!

Wow seems like many of us are returning back to GP, which is good!


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ああ、日本人!(I’m going to college to lean it, but I know a little bit)

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I minored in it in college. Sadly, with no chance to actively practice it in rural Colorado, I’ve gotten rusty. :pensive:

Gotta get back in shape if I’m gonna trach English in Japan.

Hope ypur studies go well! I can try to help if you need it! :D

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Welcome back :feh_myrrhno:

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Welcome back! Also, if anybody remembers Meow, that’s me, but rebranded. Also, both of my parents are beorc.


Nope. @TraAstolfo is a whole other person.

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Huh. Could’ve sworn you guys were the same person. Guess not.

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