Lon'qu Builds

It would be amazing if you guys could rate and tell me how good or bad I did on my builds, and give me some suggestions on how to improve, fix, or even combine the builds. I pretty much have every skill in the game at my disposal so go nuts with creativity.



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So jealous you have Close Call and FB4 fodder for him though

Second build in particular looks nasty to go up against


They all look pretty great, though I don’t think replacing his pref is ever worth it :feh_flaynfish:


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Dang, lookin’ pretty good :feh_loncool:

I like the bulk of the first two. He can probably take hits aplenty. I personally wouldn’t swap out his PRF considering how it really helps boost his statline in the right direction, but still looks great. Only real suggestion I might have is something like Sturdy Blow or Swift Sparrow on the third one so he doesn’t need to worry about getting into Brazen range. And if you’re interested, he makes for a fantastic Galeforcer:

Good luck with em. :feh_loncool:

Wanted to try a glass canon tank.

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I took quite some time perfectioning close call on Lon’qu since close call went out and this is the BEST thing I came Up with

I don’t think there’s anything better atm, maybe retirement atk/spd but since I pair him Up with a healer with close counter and this stuff I think this A is better


This is pretty much exactly what I would use, except I’d put galeforce on him.

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