Lon'qu Merge Feedback

He’s getting there, need some feedback/suggestions on if/how I can make him better!

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Wow,I’m ■■■■■■■ blind: I read that as Lon’qu Merge Facebook :tooobin:

He’s looking good though,but let’s wait for the expert :birbpeek:

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He looks really good, wish I had Wrath fodder to give him too

Depending on your play style, Lon’qu can be more flexible with his refine, going for a double LnD shield pulse pavise set will make him tanky, and then DC-Aegis-shield pulse will make him tank ranger hits well, but that’s if you like enemy phase, but this is only if you want an enemy phase set, otherwise I think what you’ve got is really good, only suggestion I could make is Flashing Blade 4 in the A slot, and a different deal, like maybe QP or something

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Oh hey, my Lon’qu also became +4 a few days ago :hridexcited:

(He’s also got a Miracle and Mystic Boost build)

Yours looks great, very unique :+1:

You guys actually gave me an idea…
This might be one of the only situations where the renewal seal looks convincing to me