Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

I know it has only been like a week since my last Julia thread, but today I got L!Julia to +10 yay!

Any recommendations for the builds on F!Julia and L!Julia?


@HeavenlyTempest @Chippaponi


Me over here with only 2 of Micaiah’s versions at +10 :feh_elisad:


Oh my…congrats, this is beautiful — I couldn’t get a single merge so far, mine’s still like before :pensive: guess I’ll save for August where she shares with Naga after I break the 9.5% I have now.

L!Julia is excellent with her base kit but you can give her [Glimmer] if she’ll focus on killing a lot of dragons :feh_eirikathink:.
As for F!Julia, I tweaked her a little on my alt account:


Very impressive. :feh_juliamad:

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Julia can come at +atk?
(looks at every single +def Julia in barracks).

seriously, congrats :slight_smile:

I still have a long way to go. Only pulled one Julia this time, but I nabbed her with +Atk. She is hilariously my highest merged blue mage.

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Now to wait for the inevitable Duo Julia x Seliph arriving later this year :feh_tikiga:

(Joke it might be, but honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it’s this year’s Halloween or Christmas duo given her preferential treatment at IS :feh_juliamad:)

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The whole squad looks absolutely amazing, I’m so jealous!

Anyways builds…

You could go with the usual one shorting MI+DB or whatever with anything in c.

But personally I prefer the study birdie build, using SI+SB in seal. Especially on F!Julia, it turns her into a great ARD unit and just a great unit overall, bringing her def up to good levels.

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Please duo Seliph and Julia. Knowing IS they would make it Duo Julia and Seliph shafting Seliph once again.

Not that I would have a problem with that

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I think you’re the girl,
The girl who has ev’rything~

Seriously though, that’s amazing. Congratulations especially since how fast you finished fallen Julia.

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Damn, Neko Shogun is a Julia Fan. We stan.

That OG Julia is glorious. Spd is lacking more than what I’d like but the rest of her stats and build are great.

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Hehe thanks

Yeah, I got the 5 copies for L!Julia relatively quickly, so I’m happy. I just need to play around with their builds a bit to make some interesting sets. They are very vanilla besides my OG!Julia