Looking for a friend with Euryale

  • Q&A: Hi ! I was wondering if someone had a max-skilled Euryale to defeat Gawain. Mine is still not super strong and I struggle with that boss.


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I don’t have maxed skilled but I do have a np5 6/6/6 Eurayle a np1 5/10/4 Orion. The two best servants for that fight.

I also have a np1 5/5/10 Jeanne d’arc and a np1 6/4/10 Tamamo caster. Two supports I feel that can also help on the fight (especially Jeanne).

My full support list:

I normally don’t have Eurayle up but do put her in my all spot when friends need her or for events where she excels.

I currently have no friend spots open but I do have two inactive friends I can kick to make room for you.

Let me know here if you are interested by giving me your IGN and friend code and I will add you.

My IGN: Vaydra
Friend code: 666,001,699


I can add you?

IGN: Namenless

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Sure give me your FC and I’ll send invite

Edit: I found your FC on your profile and sent invite.

Yep ! My FC is 759,685,206

Thank you so much,
My IGN : Rain
My FC : 759,685,206

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Does anyone have an euryale support I can use?

FC: 471,963,099

Let me know your IGN so I know who to accept.

Thank you very much, my IGN is Lawritch