Looking for a good friend with umu bride

Hi, I’m looking for a good friend with umu bride(preferably at 10/10/10)
My ID:072,633,494

I have one, but her skills are only 6/6/6. I just pulled her at CCC and only have 2 secret gems of Saber, so she likely won’t be 10/10/10 until Nerofest unless I get really lucky with these raid boss drops… lmk if you want to use her and I’ll drop my friend code.

She is level 99 though, and I go between using either my MLB Heaven’s Feel or Formal Craft for her support slot. I know grailed brides aren’t rare though so you can probably find a whale with something better.

Sure I could use u. I don’t mind a 6/6/6

I sent you an invite. My Umu’s at 6/10/6 at the moment. IGN is same as here.

Ok thks

Request sent.

IGN: Namenless
My is lvl 92, 6/6/6 and NP3