Looking for a new project

So while summoning for S!Veronica I was able to finish Miranda, and since V!Veronica was released and currently +9’d, as much as I want to throw that +10 on her I’m willing to wait until September Ephemera lineup when she should be featured.

The easiest way to wait that out is with a distraction with a new project to focus my feathers on.

I have 3 build ideas I want to utilize (well basically just 2 if you want to get technical), so the question is which should I look more closely at (generic unit titles, due to not being 100% sold on the particular unit)?

Lance Flier

Looking For a Florina type unit but her Attack is too low considering the build. Would throw this unit on my Dark defense eventually.

Low Speed :heavy_check_mark:
Good Attack :heavy_check_mark:
Defensive Stats …I can make them work (Sothis would bring that Res to 44)

Problems: missing the Rein, but a recent addition to the normal pool makes that available. Would prefer higher Res at the cost of lower Def.

Sword Flier

Summoner Support is to mimic R Duel Flying 4 once it’s a thing.

High HP :heavy_check_mark:
Fast enough :heavy_check_mark:
Well-rounded Defensive Stats :heavy_check_mark:

Problems: Already have Palla as a 4*+10, R Duel 4 doesn’t exist and Ashnard is too slow for reliability.


Similar to Palla

Problems: I don’t have R Duel 4 (do have 3 though which comes with a Rally+) and not too keen on the 70s pornstar vibe the art gives off.

Really hoping a better flier unit with good availability gets released soon (they have until my feather supply can +10) to seal the deal, but IS does not instill any confidence of that ever happening, so… now to finish it off with a poll

  • Lance Flier
  • Sword Flier
  • Creep from a 70s movie

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Hello Bartre





I actually have the rein and a Hel but that would mean leaving my defense without dark mythics, and i already have too many lance fliers but the Galle build is good, you can fodder B Edelgard if you dont want her or you have her at +1. Bartre is also a solid unit to invest, despite the low speed nowdays any unit with 20 spd can reach 40+ with the skills IS is throwing at the premium powercreep. Ceada is a much better sword flier than Palla because of flashing blade and dual effectiveness against armored and cavalry foes, Palla also suffers from a bad weapon and old bst, she has better defense but poor res, Ceada can take a hit from mages most of the time but dont expect her to tank nukes, Ceada doesnt have good atk but with swift sparrow, and pegasus flight you can fix it.


Problem with Caeda is her HP is too low for Sudden Panic which is also a way to trigger the Parasol.


Ah you want to use petal parasol as weapon, eh its not that good, i was selling you Ceada because she has a great prf and has aged well on a gacha were powercreep reigns supreme.

But in that case bartre is better with that weapon.


I mean if you’re running Caeda you wouldn’t be running parasol in the first place :feh_eirikathink:

Honestly, Palla without her prf is just not a great investment tbh. Then she’s just gen 1 stats sword flier with no redeeming qualities really :catroll:


Well the main point is actually Sudden Panic - Parasol capitalizes on it though.

also have Caeda at 4*+10


Sudden panic for me is not a good skill anymore, there are not many units that can use it well, perhaps virion but he has it already built into his weapon. Visible buffs are not super common at least the oaths, Rouses, solos, pushes, lulls, reins are more common in builds.
I run an oath on Echidna because i know her weapon can neutralize penalties on an easy to set condition.
Which nullifies sudden panic.

Thing about the Parasol is the enemy should not need to be buffed just have the panic penalty to take effect.

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Yeah and that is not easy to make it work, you are better with panic smoke in that case.

I use Sudden Panic on my Beruka and have enjoyed it - granted Ive been using her in Arena so the Rally scoring makes it rather reliable. So mainly looking for another option (perhaps to use different seasons if I go that far in tryharding the mode).


Palla is the only readily available sword flier with high HP and workable stats all around.


Sorry, but can I ask who you have at +10 right now? I feel like that would make the vote easier for me (I’ve already chosen but I want to see your roster in general)


I actually have a good balance (2+ of each not counting Dragons/beasts)

S!Laegjarn and V!Veronica are both +9 for the blue tome role.


Creep? I’ll have you know the mustache man is a beautiful and wholesome man


Yeah that is a good balance

I mostly choose S!Bartre because I remembered you had a +10 Catria who fills in your Lance Flier slot nicely and a +10 Laegjarn for Sword Flier and I’ve seen you use them both a lot so I feel, even though you do have two Sword Infantries, it would be better to use him instead of another Lance or Sword Flier


If i wasn’t willing to look past the issues I have with his art he wouldn’t be on the poll, but man that art give some serious jibblies.

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Rebecca and Catria. :feh_ilovelucy:

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