Looking for a way to check the state of affairs in FGO JP

Looking for a way to check the state of affairs of FGO in JP forums, but I don’t see any way. Some posts in English are translated into JP, but I don’t think I’ve seen a JP to English translation yet.

[Request] I want a brown diff of this mackerel! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
300: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:51:30
305: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:53:29
307: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:54:59
308: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:55:03
309: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:55:57
310: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:56:40
311: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:56:49
314: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 21:58:51
316: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 22:01:51
317: 名無しさん 2021/05/11(火) 22:01:58

300: No Name Tuesday, May 11, 2021 21:51:30
We haven’t done the singularity where all characters turn brown yet, have we?
Isn’t that strange?
305: Mr. Nobody 2021/05/11(Tue) 21:53:29
The trend of Mizuse = brown
If Kama-chan wears a swimsuit, there’s a chance we’ll get a tanning differential.
307: Mr. Nobody 2021/05/11(Tue) 21:54:59
I’m laughing at the idea of making Nata brown. How much do you like brown?
308: Mr. Nobody 2021/05/11(Tue) 21:55:03
I think girls with short blonde hair owe it to themselves to be brown.
309: Mr. Nobody 21:55:57, 2021/05/11 Tue
I thought my craving for brown was satisfied since I have a book out about dark elves.
310: Mr.Nobody 2021/05/11(Tue) 21:56:40
I like Vritra.
311: No Name 2021/05/11(Tue) 21:56:49
Well, there’s no such thing as a brown Artoria.
Samo’s tanned, though.
314: Mr. Nobody 2021/05/11(Tue) 21:58:51
I want the bow Artoria to be brown.
I want Marsh to have a star pattern.
316: No Name 2021/05/11(Tue) 22:01:51
I’d rather have silver hair and blond eyes than blond hair and blue eyes if I’m going to be brown, but Altria will still have blond hair and blond eyes even as an alternate.
I’m not sure if that’s the range of blonde hair for you, eh? Basically, when she becomes an alternate, her hair becomes much whiter, like Okita’s.
I don’t know.
317: No Name Tuesday, 11 May 2021 22:01:58
There’s no brown Arturia, but the brown Arturia face is the president picture Lakshmi.




DeepL was the best translator I can find (not google translate)

Just needed to check what their opinion on the LB5.1-LB5.2 is.

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Stay out of our affairs, Jedi

Appmedia has a Google translate-able comments section, if you’re curious :feh_fayeshrug:

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looking at the excerpt it isn’t so much state of fgo jp but a discussion of fetish :fgo_coffee:


Do they have a Lostbelt 5.1 and 5.2 thread though? I wanna look to see what they said about it.

Even a good machine translator is gonna have trouble with your average forum thread - they tend to be laden with slang and abbreviations and special vernacular that machines just don’t cope with well, not to mention they’ll translate a lot of in-game terms overly literally. So at least keep an eye out for that.

I’d say you might have more luck looking for like, a centralised review blog or some similar sort of thing, but those have been kinda dead since the early 2010s so I’m not convinced an FGO one would even exist. Sadly it may be learn moon runes or bust.


So basically… FGO JP wants tanned or maybe gyaaru versions of Mash and Arturia… :fgo_casgilworry:


Definitely tanned. The characters are substantially different for those used to describe the kuro-gyaaru phenom.

They specifically say they want Mash to have a “star pattern” - I’m not sure what that might mean but from context I assume it’s some kind of tanline? I’m not sure I want to find out but I’m sure my curiosity will get the better of me eventually.


Hopefully they wont

So the state of JP is… pervy.

Which came as a shock to precisely no one :fgo_bblaugh:

can someone explain tan lines to me, I don’t get it


I kinda understand but don’t. How do I even explain this?

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It’s funny because when I read the first post saying “a singularity where everyone is tanned hasn’t been done yet right?”, my thought immediately went to lb4, and then I realized karna looks a lot whiter than his indian bros

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tan lines generally look attractive to say the least. imagine if everyone looked like summer bb

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Against my better instincts I did look into “星柄” - the “star pattern” they want on Mash - and I can’t find anything particularly spicy. Given that the comments in the immediate vicinity are about SurfMo and Summer Artoria, both of whom date back to when Mash got her summer outfit, it seems like they were actually just suggesting they wanted an actual star print on the fabric of Mash’s summer outfit (and/or possibly a retrofit to a star-pattern bikini, that seems to be a popular trope in fanart of other characters) and not some horrifying fetish.

It’s equally possible I just didn’t dig far enough to find the horrifying fetish. I didn’t dig too deep, I need some kind of insulation for my sanity.

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Speaking of slang and abbreviations, the mackerel in the title is supposed to be Servant. The V sound doesn’t really exist in Japanese so the closest approximation would be the B sound. So in Japanese, Servant would be pronounced more like “Saabanto”. Saabanto can be abbreviated to Saaba or Saba which is the japanese name for mackerel.


I’d been wondering want precisely that was, I’d assumed it was a specific Servant that had acquired the nickname in a similar way to how Mash acquired eggplant, but that makes a lot more sense. For the record for anyone else reading along, “Samo” is (I’m like, 98% sure), Summer Mordred abbreviated in a similar fashion.

I’m also very entertained that the translator has managed to seemingly choose every possible localisation of Artoria’s name. Artoria, Altria, Arturia… just use them all, then everyone gets to be mad that you picked the wrong one!

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lol I can’t find any 2ch in LB5.2… maybe I should write Atlantis or Charlotte on the search so I can see what they said.

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