Looking for Bond CEs (Summer 2022) (NA)

I’m trying to complete my CE-Dex and need only a few more Bond CEs.

  • Summer Yu
  • Summer Murasaki

My FC is 066,499,988
If you got one or more, just send me a request. Thanks in advance.


I have kiyo’s

edit: sent request (same name) and put the ce up (in the normal support’s all slot). just lmk when you’re good for me to take back down

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Thanks, got it.
Do you want me to remove you again?

idm either way


I’m working on Sei’s bond ce atm, I’ll be sure to put hers up when I get it. Still at like 7/10 though, so it’ll probably be a month or more.


Do you want to add me already or will you remember me when you got her CE?
Edit: Oh, just found your FC on your profile and noticed that we’re friends already. I guess that answers my question. Small world^^


I had wondered if I needed to mention that I was already on your friend list, but I had expected you’d figure it out. You’re welcome for the Medusa formal portrait btw, it’s been surprising how that impromptu choice has had more than one person come after it for the pokedex.


Thanks again.
Medusa’s Formal seems to be one of the rarer ones and you had it on rayshift at one point.
I remember reading through old threads on reddit and there was one person with the same ingame name months ago, people were asking if they were the one with Medusa.