Looking for Feedback& Etc


Started not too long ago like Mar. 7. So far what I’ve done is:

  1. Left off at Chapter 4
  2. Farmed Albert Event
    3.Currently farming the accursed archives.

My goal:
Mono Light OR Dual Light and Dark Team
Albert Lvl 79 with Lindworm
Hildegarde Lvl 43 with Lindworm
Euden Lvl 42 with Ifrit
Curran Lvl 71 with Phantom

Feedback and advice will be much appreciated on the outlook of my time here with Dragalia Lost e.g What Unit should I get to achieve my goal I want Albert to be my Staple unit (Husbando) for Light Team. What should I be focused on doing right now and what should I aim to do.


Personally I think you’re at a good point right now, focus on finishing the campaign and save your Wymrite along the way (ten pulls are wildly better than singles most of the time) , each time you unlock an altar be sure to upgrade it, not only will it help out Albert but it would help Hildegarde and any other light unit you pull (or any unit you pull from the altar of that respective element).

Moving on from that, be sure if you get Unicorn or a light dragon that boosts HP unbind Lindworm and give it to Albert and give the HP dragon to Hildegarde.

You only need one good unit per element to do co-op too, so just try and build up the Halidome and save wymrite since the game wont be as generous as it is when you start playing.


Focus on the following with a priority in this order:

  • Daily Endeavors - Both your standard and event endeavors are super useful for farming and maximizing energy efficiency.

  • Daily Bonus Chests - The other part of dailies is chests. Do these when possible and at the highest difficulty you can manage. It’s okay to try harder difficulties and fail, as it doesn’t actually consume any stamina when doing so!

  • Special Events - Complete a reasonable amount of the event objectives - This will depend on your current progression, team’s Might values, and luck in the Gacha (event wyrmprints or units to help in farming or challenges). After a few events, you’ll have a good idea of what you can tackle without too much investment. Personally, I set a goal at a certain ‘Choice’ reward and try to meet that by the event’s end. If things are easier or tougher, I’ll tweak with my goal accordingly. If the Special Event has a shop, prioritize unique items over others. That means anything that can assist in unbinding or upgrading adventurers, or any wyrmprints that are solid upgrades to what you currently have (in many cases, wyrmprints should be prioritized for their ability to assist in farming the event!).

  • Void Battles - These are tough and will be your objective eventually, as it gears you for High Dragons and provides tons of great loot. Weapons are solid improvements as free mats and even assist in progression of the Void content (currently mushroom, golem, zephyr and manticore in increasing difficulty). Most important are the void leafs that can be farmed and exchanged in the shop for extremely valuable materials that reset monthly. In particular, fragments that can be exchanged for 5* Unbind mats (which are usually rare event rewards and purchased as part of the $40 monthly packs!). Getting to the point where you can farm this content is ideal for end-game content, and the only realistic way to max Unbind both weapons, Dragons and Wyrmprints.

  • Story - There are a couple unique things here to obtain, but at the moment, it’s not time sensitive and won’t give you any significant advantage. Do these when you have nothing else to do or you’re unable to do more difficult content with remaining stamina or wings, like Void battles.

  • Use the Dragon’s Roost - Buy everything here whenever you can. It’s all worth it in the long run. Use the Dragon Roost Favorite Foods tool to figure out who to feed the ‘daily’ food (12K gold) to.

  • Halidom - Try to upgrade something at all times. I personally bought all the smithwyrms, but actually recommend saving resources by only purchasing one or two extras. After the initial bottleneck, you’ll start getting to a point where purchasing the extras won’t really help as resource costs are so high for many of your upgrades. If you’re not patient, just buy more with wyrmite. DO keep in mind that you’ll want one slot open when a building event like the current “Accursed Archives” runs, so you can immediately start working on upgrades for it!

Upgrade your Dragon Tree and mines at highest priority. Because of this, try to farm light orb materials with higher priority over other elements. Gold is used for both weapon crafting and Halidom upgrades while fruits are for upgrading a dragon’s bond level - they’ll always be useful. Upgrade elements over weapon dojos initially, but don’t completely ignore dojos. Dojos at level 16 grant a massive +1.5% boost to two different stats in one upgrade, which is extremely valuable/efficient. Everything you do here should be somewhat balanced, in order to speed up how quickly you can level the halidom and smithy buildings, which will dictate your potential Might.

  • Use the shop to your advantage - Make sure to do dailies here and pull on the “Item Summon” freebie every day. Additionally, try to buy the Succulent Dragonfruits and Consecrated Waters every day if you can afford them. It may seem like a lot, but it is definitely worth it in the long run - they’re both very valuable materials which you’ll regret ignoring at later parts of the game. Also keep in mind that you can trade many resources both up and down. This comes in handy later in progression when upgrading your Halidom buildings.

  • Weapons - The most recent events give players some awesome opportunities for weapons. Many people report 5* weapon drops prior to even unlocking them in the Smithy! Because of this, outside of very special cases, I’d recommend saving your resources for 5* weapons. Some instances you wouldn’t follow this to a tee would be where: (a) Void battles where anti-dull or other immunities provided by the weapon are critical to winning [Here a player would even sub their 5* weapon for the weapon of choice!] and (b) 4* weapons with very useful tier 3 versions that are more functional for the battle at hand [i.e. 4* flame staff is very useful for most high-tier encounters, since it provides an extra heal].

Okay, so if you prioritize the above, you should have a steady flow of useful resources and spending your time optimally.

When it comes to building out your teams now, it’ll really be case-by-case. I personally went with an overall ‘good’ team with mixed elements, then slowly built out a team for each element. At higher tiers, this becomes almost a necessity, as a 50% inbound and outbound damage modifier is just an incredible amount. (Light and Shadow are always in the player’s favor too!) As such, I had a team 1, which was just the absolute highest Might I could build for using all the ‘best’ items possible. Teams 2 through 6 consisted of a team for each element. With this in mind, I’d slowly level up a balanced team in each of these elements and spend resources to get them to at least level 50, then max them if an event utilized that team. After a full rotation of events, you’ll have some fairly solid teams to work with for all situations. The only exception to this is your staff user - if you are fortunate enough to have a very strong healer like Hildegarde (either of her versions), you could potentially build her out for nearly every team situation. Her light version in particular, as it’s not weak to anything in the game.

Just keep in mind that HP boosts a healer’s ability to heal and that being a matching element will also affect a healer’s outbound healing! So a weak 3* healer may actually heal more for a like-element ally than a higher stat off-element healer.

  • Might - It’s not a bad idea to heavily focus on four different elemental adventurers in order to build a high might team for content unlocking purposes. If possible, four different 5* adventurers of different classes and elements would be most optimal, as you can max their level and mana circle, then give them the highest Might wyrmprints and matching element Dragons possible.


  • Leveling / Unbinding Adventurers: An unfortunate part of Dragalia Lost is that every adventurer is innately limited by their initial rarity. A 3 * adventurer will never have the potential a 4* adventurer will have, and be even more limited when paired against a 5* adventurer. The release of Louise and Valentine’s Hildegarde even further emphasizes the risk in promoting a unit (as their elemental similar 4* Adventurer counterparts, Eleonora and Verica were kinda given the shaft on these fronts; they’re alright in their own right, but still are outclassed in most situations :catdespair:). As such, only ever promote and unbind units you personally love and won’t regret being made obsolete with an update. 5* units are generally good at what they’re meant to do - and as such can be upgraded however you see fit. There’s no instance leveling them to 40 mana circle was a bad idea. The last few levels on the final tier are a dozy though (Last 2-3 co-ability upgrades, ‘item’ upgrade and S1 upgrade), and I wouldn’t recommend until you have teams capable of tackling every element possible.

  • Unbinding Dragons - I recommend unbinding only after you have a duplicate of a dragon. This is particularly the case for 4* dragons, as they really help fill out your roster. So keep one dragon at base unbind, but unbind another duplicate of it as you see them. 5* event dragons should always be unbound as soon as possible, and 5* gacha dragons are really a toss-up. If you manage to obtain 5 copies of them, it’s okay to do so - but keep in mind that sunstones could have been used to unbind as well. If you don’t have more than four different like-element dragons in your roster, be mindful of what you may be giving up for raid scenarios (or anything that requires a team)!

  • Unbinding Weapons - This is tough. 4* weapons can be unbound using materials at their third tier and the void dungeon shop actually makes this very viable. As for 5* weapons, you should be doing everything you can to build a single copy of the elemental version, then unbinding it (very slowly) through event and void dungeon exchanges. Prior to that, you may want to MUB a 5* T2 weapon of each type, so all of your teams have solid weapons with excellent Might and skills to complement them.

This… was a lot of typing. :fgo_deadinside: I hope it’s all useful for you!

Edit: Cleaned a ton of stuff and added some other things I missed.