Looking for friends with Skadi with Mona Lisa,

Hi! this is my support list, and there is my code, feel free to add me, especially if you have a mona lisa on skadi.

But you have Mona Lisa and Skadi

Why can’t you do that yourself?


That Quetzalcoatl is nice.

Do you need it permanently or just for the upcoming Raids?

He want DSS for crawling up from QP hell

cause I want double mona lisa to 3T Farm

are we going to get raids? i want it for a while, to get my kama to last skill to 10 and level up my low star servants

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Case Files event will have Raids against a 500k health Assassin.

We should be getting it this month.


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For 5 minutes

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Threw Mona Lisa up on Skadi. Req sent