Looking for ideas on 3 turn dailies setups

After just getting my second kaleidescope ever it has made my 3 turn farming dreams a lot closer to reality. I avoid using supports from friends because finding the perfect support takes too long and slows the whole farming process down a lot.

My current setup is like this:

And by the way this was specifically for Saturday Embers Node :c

The idea is turn 1 AoE battery with Ozy and party wide atk buff, then switch him out with Fran. Then quick/buster party buff with Ishtar Rider, then either use Parvati NP or Ishtar NP turn 1 and 2 depending on what class the enemies are. And then the idea was to give NP from Parvati to Fran, but even after that Fran is stuck with 80-90% after that so it doesn’t work out too well at all.

My whole roster is like this:

I’m aware I also have a lot of easy turn 1 battery options like Mordred, Semaramis and a few others but I find the damage to be lackluster from their NP and they don’t actually clear in 1 turn unless the class is majorly in their favour. Maybe they could be more potent under the right combination?

I was also thinking Scathach Skadi and Arash seem really useful, like Scathach can both target NP battery and make a quick AoE NP much more potent. Or Arash is a nice switch out servant after NP so maybe I could double switch out and use Ozy battery or even singular switch and change Mystic Code to increase another NP guage. That’s about as far as my ideas can stretch right now.

All in all I was just hoping for a more permanent solution than what i’ve managed to come up with that might work for every node, or at least more of them. Is that possible at all with what I currently have?

Arash, Spartacus, and Fran can take care of Ember and QP farming. Depending on the CE and the stats on the CE, Arash could even clear out the Lancer hands while ember farming

Arash and Spartacus both come with NP charge skills, making the CE choice quite flexible. Your party-wide charger can can come in after Arash NPs and provide the charge that Fran needs for Wave 3.


Simple, first wave always Arash with the imaginary element and one of those mystic codes with a skill with a 10% battery, problem fixed


Farming for what ?

First, you should use Astoflo instead of Rider Ishtar for farming. Asto is way better with his 50% battery. And put the Kaleido on Fran please.

For farming you have a lot of great bronze servant :

  • Arash : Obviously the king of farming. You should level him up asap. This guy is just one of the most useful servant ever tahnks to his suicidal STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! And his 30% battery
  • Spartacus : Great AOE Bronze Zerker with a 30% Battery. A must used too
  • Bunyan is another great farmer espcially since she’s the fasted farmer alive. But she has no battery so Kaleido does help

The best for you will probably be sometjing like :

team : Asto (Imaginery) - Bunyan (Kaleido) - Ozy (MLB Chaldea Lunchtime)- Fran (Kaleido)

  • Turn 1 : Astoflo with Imaginary : Use his third skill and then NP
  • Turn 2 : You swap Asto for Fran. Then use Ozy skill to put Bunyan and Fran at 100%. Buyan unleach her NP.
  • Turn 3 : Fran with Kaleido will handle it ealsy

That’s it. You need to serioulsy lvl your servant skill. And put Fran 80.

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OP doesnt have Waver though. And it seems they want a comp that does not rely on support Servants to minimize having to search for a specific one.

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Ok so here is my ideas for 3 turn farming:

Double Eresh since you have your own Eresh so you can do that , replace Nap with Arash since you have Kscope


Buster, Art Hybrid, in this case replace Jarcher with GIls.

And here is my 3 turn farming:

You can try it with Sieg, just replace Jarcher with him then

Ishtar can use to 3T farming but she require MLB Kscope and Bride. You only have Bride so… kinda work after Bride get her upgrade.

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The autocorrector change wave for Waver


Your comp is way too expansive for farming.

He just need to raise some bronze servant and that will esasly be done.


Guess your phone knows you very well now. :fgo_gudako:

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Well he already have bride, ishtar, skadi and Eresh why not go for expensive route. Also I know that plenty of people roll for her so he will likely get access to that easier.

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Because raising skill cost way too much

It’s much less expansive to raise bronze servant and some 4 star servant

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He has Eresh for 10/10/10, now plug in another Arash just as I recommended and he will be fine. That Napoleon is just there since I’m too lazy to scroll to the bronze section.

Edit: I did not raise Arash since I’m too broke, after raising Jarcher, well at least Spartacus and Chacha can be used for farming.

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It’s true that He can use eresh for the first or second turn.

Arash first turn - Then Eresh and finnaly Fran could easly do it but I’m doubting at Eresh being able to clear the second wave against Saber lol.

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What ? Yu should raise Arash ! Just for the sake of having a free slot after his NP. That’s not for noything that even the biggest whale still use Arash.


I do I really want to, but my QP is gone and I’m too lazy to farm doors. You must sympathize for me since that Hopu stepu great ocean just echoing in my head everyday, make me reluctant to farm for money.

Well let’s wait for Xmas lotto, and I’ll definitely raise Arash. He is so good.

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She can, remember she has her third buffs that diss out 20% atk buffs to all party member, this means any subsequent NP after her will hit much harder, just leave Arash for last if you want the meme though.

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Here’s a team you could run.

Arash can start off with a 50% Charge CE like Aerial Drive to further boost his damage, making him capable of handling even Wave 1 Lancer enemies. His 30% Charge plus the 20% from Ozy will handle his NP gauge.

With Fran on the frontline, she’ll also get that 20% she needs to cap off her Kaleidoscope starting charge.

After Arash dies, Spartacus comes in and he can top himself up fully with his own NP charge, plus a Buster buff to help his damage numbers to clear Wave 2.

Fran has her NP Damage buff to boost her numbers for Wave 3.

With this setup you can bring any Mystic Code you want.


My low rarity universal daily farming squad.

You can replace Helena with Ozy and Bunyan with Fran or Kiyohime.


Woah KScope, been playing this game for long time, yet without a single one. Look like I have to drop the dream getting one though.


Your Arash needs 9 more Grails. :fgo_gudako: