Looking for ideas on 3 turn dailies setups

One day! One day!

What abt Spartacus, after LB 3 he will deserve more grail.

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If you don’t want to level arash/spartacus’s skills, you can use something like:
arash w/kscope
spartacus w/kscope
fran w/IE
any 20% charger (even Shakespeare will work)
and mage association MC (unless you are specifically looking to level up plugsuit)

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Parvati (Scope) + Double Skadi solves most of the problem. Charge her with the Mage Association MC. Should refund enough unless you are unlucky to get too many Berserkers or Assassins.

I used to run Arash (Imaginary Element + Mage Assoc + self charge) + 2 Berserkers (e.g. Kiyohime) with KScope + Friend Merlin.

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His Parvati is only np1 and all skill are 1/1/1, so highly doubt she can pull the loop with ease. For Quick looping overkill is a requirement though.

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With this party composition i clear all.

The effectiveness lies in the Neutral NP Damage suited to deal with all classes.

In case of lancers, simply change Arash with someone like Nitocris that can insta-charge her NP and slap her a Black Grail.


Turn 1: Stella.

Turn 2: Gorgon’s NP

Turn 3: Buff Salieri with his skills and use Friendlist Skadi to do a enemy party DEF Down. Salieri NP will always 1-hit kill wave 3

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I would like to thank you all for your amazing insight on these farming teams. You guys made me realize I have at lot more tools at my disposal than I realized and I wasn’t expecting so many replies especially so quickly.

I believe out of all of these suggestions @LeiCiel’s team offers both the quickest and cheapest fix to get the farming team up and running effectively, but @WildKusa also has some great ideas with Bunyan and Ozy too, so i’ll definitely invest into what you suggest long-term.

Also, I don’t have Ereshkigal that was a support I threw to the side randomly. I probably should have screenshotted w/out support node filled to avoid confusion, sorry for that Tony13435.

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An advantage of using Bunyan over Fran is that is that Bunyan can provide a party-wide Buster buff as well as an AoE DEF debuff.

If you have an MLB Imaginary Element, your starting team can be Arash (MLB IE) + Spartacus (Kscope) + Bunyan (Kscope).

This way Bunyan can give a Buster buff to all three attacking Servants.


I probably will one day soon. But right now I don’t have the grails to spare!

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Oh so you don’t have Eresh. Geez if I see it carefully I may give you better team comp though. But do you have Sieg, if yes then just use him for daily 3 turns, since you have your own Bride.

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Mine was also NP1. Still, Par could loop

  1. Doors
  2. Archer/Caster Embers

with ease even at 1/1/1. There are of course corner cases when you get 2-3 Berserkers ember in a wave (before the last one) but that’s fairly rare.

The other nodes has different kind of difficulties:

  1. Lancer/Assassin are the trickiest for refund (while Par can kill the wave) whereas
  2. The Saber/Rider depends not only on having at most 1 Saber ember per wave (or Par + the Skadi’s can’t kill it with additional cards) and is also hard to refund due to lack of overkill on Saber.

Just now, I consistently 4T some of the Free Quests in LostBelt 2 even at high HP enemies (capitalizing on the 1/2 AP). The idea is to not only use NP but also the insane Quick crits (+ card shuffling if RNG is bad). Look at how she crits 95K off the Rider (video not mine):


Door is easiest to loop ofc, Archer and caster node are the same. If I really want to judge the performance of servant, I’ll bring them to the zerker and assassin node, and surely Parvati will struggle to loop at low NP level

If I really want to judge the performance of servant, I’ll bring them to the zerker and assassin node, and surely Parvati will struggle to loop at low NP level

That I won’t disagree; but I think it applies to pretty much every Quick looper (san Dantes, maybe); if my experience with Lancelot at NP1 is anything to tell.


Nope Dante loops fine even at Np1, his neutral dmg > NP3 parvati.


Baeber Saber

MLB Scope and Waver

If your Medusa is NP5 and lvl 70, you might want to look into her as well. With her recent NP upgrade, her absolute minimum neutral damage is 19K per target, and that’s with the worst RNG, no fous, her S2 still at lvl 1 and only +500ATK from her CE. With fous and lvl 6 S2, she goes up to a minimum of 23k.
She also has her own battery (20% when maxed)


My Parvati NP1 is now 10/9/9 and she could consistently do Assassin/Lancer Embers; even in cases of 2 Berserkers + 1 Assassin (not getting 3 Bersekers despite many runs). If anything, having 8% charge from 3rd skill is a good safety net.

So at this point, having 2 Gold Sabers wave will be the main obstacle. But I have Arash team for that.

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Heres my 3 turn Farming team. I gave up on getting a k-scope been over a year and a half since playing and no scope. So i made do with what i had and this setup works for daily material farming, like embers and QP.
Im dumb and always tried looking for a support berserker with a scope to use but i thought, i could easily level up Sparticus and i dont need to waste time on the support screen anymore
its made farming so much shorther and easier