Looking for input : Which banners / rate up should I save for?

Good day everyone! A relative newbie (F2P) here - been playing for about 3 months now and I can definitely say I have a
a better understanding of the game compared to when I started.

Right now, I feel that I have the single target servants covered, so I’m definitely saving for Waver in the banner that’s coming up. Hopefully I"ll be able to pull him with 200 SQ + 10 tickets.

Once that banner is done, I am thinking about a couple scenarios :

  1. I don’t pull Waver : I’m thinking I should save up for either Skadi or Merlin and forgo other banners.
  2. I DO pull Waver : I’m looking at either Summer Musashi, Arjuna, or Space Ishtar since I’m definitely lacking in AOE firepower in CQs.

If anybody has any criticism / input towards my future plans, please let me know - Am I overlooking any significant banners? Or am I missing something else? I’d love to have some long term goals to work towards so I can be disciplined about my SQ spending.

I think Skadi is your best bet for case one. It gives you more time to save and quick servants are in a better position overall than buster.

For case two I think Astarte is the best target for you. Again more time to save and since she can change her NP card color she is good with any major support.

Waver fits anywhere

Merlin is primarily Buster

Skadi is Primarily Quick

I say…

Pull none of them and just pull Story


Merlin or Skadi would be a better choice then Waver, both are limited and you can get Waver for free next year, so choose the one that you want the most of those two

You seem to be very hopeful about pulling Waver in 200 SQ…

Leaving that aside id say get the best servants this year

Super Orion

Astarte would be a good choice if and only if you have servants that can provide charge… Since she is amazing at farming… Other wise skip her banner for Orion since she will come again next year.

EDIT: Skadi should be a very high priority seeing that you have melt and Atlante… You can 3T farm with Atlante and double Skadi and Double Skadi melt can help you cheese a lot of bosses


I save for both AA and Skadi which LIMITED than waver that I can get by SSR ticket or maybe spook :fgo_alterawiggle:

So the consensus seems like that I don’t necessarily need Waver and I should save up for Skadi banner.

Does anybody have any comments about my lineup’s readiness on the future events and story release? I feel that I’m lacking a lot in terms of support department to simply wait for Skadi.

And any comments on what niche to fill other than the support, such as the best AOE servants to look for (Space Ish / Summer Musashi / Arjuna Alter), I’d appreciate it very much. I’m not really looking to pull Orion because I feel pretty overloaded on single target servants atm.

1 Yes from me for Arjuna Alter

merlin in summer 4. skadi in download campaign. space ishtar in saber wars.

those 3 should have you set for a while.

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It is never a bad idea to go for waver, especially if you don’t have other targets coming up in the next month or 2.

If strictly f2p, imo you forget about DPS and just get your own supports. If you get lucky and get 2 or 3 of these supports, even 3 stars servants will start hitting like a truck and we get a bunch of very solid SR welfares as DPS too

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In short, you already got the optimal 1-3 star units upgraded so there’s not too much to worry about besides upgrading their skills.

You should definitely try to get Arjuna alter or space Ishtar as they are one of best AOE servants for farming or challenge quests; especially Arjuna Alter.

Time Frame between banners

Waver’s banner should come out by the end of this month (April). This gives you about 3 months to save for Arjuna Alter (begins around August July 22)

After Arjuna Alter,(this is only if you are planning to roll for Space Ishtar), you should have about 2 months to save before Space Ishtar banner comes (around October 30)

And for Skadi, she might come out 2 weeks after Space Ishtars banner (around November 10-15).

And if you need any help clearing the story, people here are glad to help members of GP so feel free to ask for help. :fgo_spaceishtarwink:

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Actually it should be late June not August

So more like a month and a half.

Thanks for the support and feedback thus far!

Some clarifying information.

  1. Yes, I’m 100% F2P so far but I haven’t had the temptation of GSSR yet. Something tells me that I won’t be rolling on GSSR because I understand that it’s more like a pool of servant that I draw from and I don’t really have a burning desire for any 5 star servants (Atm) other than a premium support (Skad / Merlin / Waver) or a premium AOE servant (which seems to be pointing towards S.ish / G.arj / S.sashi)

  2. I am up to date with all the LBs. Just need to clear Agartha / Shimousa

  3. I’ve been feeling the need for Waver for two reasons :
    a - He smooths out each turn with NP gain / additional defensive
    b - I’m not really liking the whole Mash setup in LB (that’s why I’m levelling up George / Gerrard Butler)
    c - My lack of rolls means that Ill be lacking in CE - and I really mean K.scope - for certain setups coming up in the future. (I’m levelling Para for this reasons)

Given I seem to be saving about 100 sq per month (I think a ton of these came from completing the story, interludes and rank up + events), I can determine that I’ll have about 500~700 SQs to use for AOE servant / Support servants.

After reading the response, if I roll for 3 banners, I’m thinking :

  1. Waver for Apr
  2. Summer Sashi for Aug or Space Ishtar for Oct
  3. Skadi for Nov

I realized that I’m kind of looking over Merlin atm, but his banner is very close to SuShi / S.Ishtar and I’m really hurting for an AOE servant. Looking at some of the videos online, it seems that merlin videos are no longer trending just because Castoria is defining the meta in JP servers right now. So I guess I’m skipping him for this year.

Is there a real need for anyone to have Merlin over Skadi / Waver?


You seem to be very hopeful about pulling Waver in 200 SQ…

Given the probability, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didnt pull him with 210 SQs. However, that’s the budget that I have set aside for Waver. The rest will be going into an AOE servant then Skadi.

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  1. Waver is an absolute must for sure - he’s just so good and can generally fit into any comp, plus hes usually super helpful for those long lotto events.

  2. In terms of damage dealers, I think Arjuna Alter would be a great general all-around pick for your needs. From what I’ve seen and heard he’s quite good on his own and is even better if you can bring in your own Merlin.

  3. S.Ishtar and S.Musashi pretty much serve the same role especially with Castoria comes down so between the two - I’d say pick what you love more. If you want a bit more variety, S.Ishtar is probably your best bet for two reasons: her banner is a few months after AA so you have some time to save in comparison to S.Musashi who follows shortly after AA, I believe she is considered the “better” of the two between her and S.Musashi when Castoria hits due to her looping being much more stable - of course I think it’s also contignent on NP level if I remember correctly though someone more experienced in JP can correct me. I also don’t think S.Musashi is used all too much from a farming perspective until Castoria hits (unless you have some very specific units).

  4. Merlin is great if you have some leftover SQ but he does run alongside the same time as S.Musashi and would once again be running into the same problem if you do end up rolling for AA - their banners are close to each other so your SQ might be a bit lower if you want to save for S.Ishtar in the Fall. Merlin is pretty nuts for doing some bonkers damage and with your own, you can most definitely swamp some CQ with many buster servants, once again AA will be a premier pick if you have him.

Some overall thoughts, I think it’s going to rundown as is: Waver/A damage dealer (AA, S.Musashi,S.Ishtar). I think depending on which damage dealer you’ll pick, it will probably end up deciding if you want to try for Merlin or Skadi. Generally speaking, I think AA is the most self-sufficient of all the three damage dealers and he won’t need a ton of support whereas the other two, while good on their own, most definitely appreciate having their respective support - which is usually Castoria, who will come later next year so it’ll be a waiting game until then. Of course, Skadi is also a great pick if you have a Quick oriented roster and she will still be a premier pick for the next year for farming and looping; I believe she’s useable with S.Ishtar too though I am not too sure how insanely effective it is compared to Arts S.Ishtar

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2 more cents from me:

1, Arts meta is great but you kinda want to have np levels for your arts DPS especially when it’s these 2 because they don’t do full class damage (also assuming you don’t have BG and aren’t just thinking about farming 3/3/3 nodes)

2, I am a firm believer of “you can take your CQ team to farm but you can’t do CQ with your farming team” so I rate merlin higher than skadi. Also I think having merlin gives you the luxury of not refreshing 20 times just to find him on FL. But you do have melt and atalante so it really just depends on your preference. Also consider: we got buster (BAQQQ) assassin, arts (BBAAQ) rider and lancer, buster (BBBAQ) zerker, buster (BAAAQ) caster, arts (BAAQQ) saber, and quick (BAAQQ) archer welfare coming up. If you plan on making any of them your preferred DPS, that should also inform your merlin/skadi dilemma


as a general rule you should prioritize supports over DPS for your own rolling every time. a DPS can always be borrowed and will likely be stronger than your own theoretical copy as others will grail them or have them at high NP levels that you’re unlikely to have as a free to play. the biggest benefit to having your own DPS is doubling up on supports but most of the time that isn’t necessary, or the benefit of that on your level 90/NP1 copy is lesser than the benefit of just using a grailed higher NP level friend support

people will rebut this by citing farming, where to loop farm you often need two Skadis or two Castorias. for a newer player this is highly overrated because most farming can be done by investing in the best free to play units like Spartacus and Arash. once you have a proper lineup of all the good supports you can start looking at investing in units meant for high-slot farming, but it shouldn’t be a priority early on

finally a few people are telling you to skip waver because you can get him for free next year. while true that is a whole year’s worth of lost opportunity cost on the most generally useful support. I would roll for waver if you can despite the SSR ticket, and if you don’t get him you have the ticket to fall back on

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1, Arts meta is great but you kinda want to have np levels for your arts DPS especially when it’s these 2 because they don’t do full class damage (also assuming you don’t have BG and aren’t just thinking about farming 3/3/3 nodes)

This is a really good point. Makes me want to skip AOE dps roll and just save for Waver / Skadi / Merlin. Time will tell. Budgeting for these rolls is always hypothetical and depends so much on RNG. If I get waver early enough, I may attempt to roll an AOE servant

On the other hand if you are playing the game fine (i.e. don’t mind farming taking a bit longer) and you really want a DPS of your own, waver could be the one to skip because 1, it gives you more time to save for the next target, be it merlin/skadi/DPS because 200ish SQ doesn’t give that great a chance, and 2, you can grab him with the free SSR ticket in 1 year which, while missing out on short term benefits, could give you the best chances at having more of the big supports.

First of all, I think you have thought this through fairly well, so all I’ll toss here are just some general considerations and let you draw conclusions yourself.

  1. While we will get a free SSR ticket in a year, it is quite a pain to play without a single top support. So I would throw at least few rolls on Waver banner. Even if you get him (and get spooked by Tomamo), you will still have plenty of good picks from that ticket.

  2. You get (on average) ~25 summons per month by just doing master’s missions, login rewards (both consecutive and total) and buying monthly tickets. However, as you are relatively new, there are a LOT of other sources for SQ. You likely still have a number of free quests, rank-ups and interludes to go. If you do all free quests, the anniversary will give ~87 rolls from events + new master missions. I would do the math to see what your total projected income is to know how many rolls to allocate for each banner.

  3. It is a good idea to know which banners will have rate-up CEs and which ones won’t. As F2P we are unlikely to ever limit break a rate-up event banner CE, or at least its not something to plan around. On the other hand, general CE pool does have BG, Scope, 2030 which make life a lot easier. For example the upcoming Waver banner has no rate-up CEs, so chances of getting general pool CEs are higher. Reines’ banner on the other hand has a rate-up event CE, so if you are lacking top CEs it would be worse if all other things on the banner were identical. In the upcoming banners this year you listed, only Waver’s and Skadi’s banners have no rate-up CEs.

  4. This brings up another possible target (this year is full of them!), specifically Nero Bride in July. She has no rate-up CEs, and after upgrade she has 30% charge, NP generation up, atk buff, defense buff and can double as a non-useless ST arts Saber.

  5. Finally, keep in mind that the rate-up rates as well as number of rolls per SQ will change after anniversary in July. At the moment (0.7% rate per roll, 3SQ for 1 roll) to get 75% chance of getting rate-up SSR you need about 600 SQ, after anniversary (0.8% per roll, 3 SQ for 1.1 roll) you need about 480. This is a fairly large jump, so plan accordingly.

EDIT: Checked calculations on monthly number of summons

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