Looking for Raids Team Help

Trying to figure out what would be the best team I could make for farming the raids.
I’m trying to decide between either spartacus np 5 with level 10 on np charge/buster and np2 fran with no skill ups. I have waver/merlin so getting to 100% np turn one on fran/spartacus isn’t the issue but im not sure which would do more damage and or be faster. Any ideas?

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If you haven’t yet, you can check out this thread for some ideas.

Between Fran and Spartacus, I’m pretty certain Spartacus is the better choice. For one thing, you have access to Merlin for that Buster buff. You’d need Atalante to provide Fran with a Quick buff of similar value, not to mention you’d need higher NP levels on Fran so she hits hard enough.

Is this for the AoE Raids though? We have 12 Solo Raids to go through first and at the highest difficulty, the Raid bosses have close to 700k HP, so an ST NP Servant would be best for the first few days.

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