Looking for some help and advice for my account

Hey guys so I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m completely lost as to what I need to be focusing on at this point on my account. I’ve been pretty much doing Event stuff and Daily exp quests. But I’m not sure which of my servants I should be focusing my time on for skills or which banner I should save for or even what I actually need. here is my current roster:

advice would be greatly appreciated

Skadi’s (her mats might make that impossible though) and especially waver’s/mash’s skill levels seem like a sensible place to start if your aim is to bolster your chaldea’s flexibility and capacity to clear singularity/LB/CQ type content. Overall skill levels are definitely the glaring weakness here and as much as it sucks to say, the grind is inevitable.

Improve Skadi and Waver, they are among the best supports in the game. Mash is very good too, one of the best defensive servants.
Waver works with all servants, it can be used for almost anything.
Okita, Jack, Carmilla and rider ishtar are good with Skadi.
CasGIl is a good art support, it can be used with rider Mordred, Emiya alter and Nero.
Remember to improve the skills, and don’t ignore low stars servants, some can really help you.

You can see here the next banners to save SQs:

Ill be honest the Skadi was not planned for lol. I kinda did a YOLO 10 pull and got her. if I could trade her for Merlin I would. Was not looking to 3 turn farm as getting that setup seems like a ton of work. (also I like buster playstlye)

Max Waver S2 and S3.

Max Skadi S3, get her S1 as high as possible

Get Okita’s skills as high as possible.

Okita/Waver/Skadi team, pwn everything.

Hi OP,

I notice you have a lot of DPS leveled up but not a lot of supports. For harder quests, supports are the key to propping up your DPS and ensuring they can do damage without dying early. Not all supports are 4 stars or 5 stars, some of them can actually be acquired from the Friend Point gacha.

  1. St. George - Durable tank with 3-Turn taunt and guts. Good for pulling focus away from your DPS.
  2. Mash - Level up her skills! Her mats are cheap and the shorter skills cooldown is super helpful for tanking ST NPs.
  3. David - Offers a party-wide 1-hit evade which is useful for tanking AOE NPs, his own NP does skill seal which can be helpful in gimmick boss fights.
  4. Hans - Best budget healer, his NP heals and gives chance based Atk up, Def up and Star Gen up. He’ll be good for sustaining your party in longer fights.
  5. Shakespeare - I noticed you have a lot of buster DPS so Shakespeare 1-turn buster up will be especially helpful in buffing your DPS attack. His 3rd skill also gives 20% targetable NP charge.

For your current leveled roster:

  1. Waver - Focus on leveling Waver and getting his skills to at least 6/6/6 for the shorter cooldown and stronger buffs. He’ll be constantly in your party as an all-around NP charge support so it’s good to invest in him.
  2. Skadi - To unlock Skadi’s potential, it’s important to level her skills. Prioritize the NP charge (scales by level from 30-50%), then the Quick up. The Def down can be left for later. She pairs well with your Okita and Ishtar (Rider) but you’d need other Quick DPS to make good use of her.

Recommended Servants (If you’re planning on investing in Skadi):

  1. Dantes - AOE avenger who is the best looper with Skadi. His banner will be up in Summer 3 (right after this event). If you get him and level up his skills, he’ll take care of most of your farming needs.
  2. Zerkerlot - AOE berserker who is a good alternative to Dantes but requires more support (KScope + Plugsuit Waver or MLB KScope) to farming efficiently. His next banner is around Sept 2020 during the Fate/Zero rerun but just a caveat, he shares a rate-up with Diarmund (Saber).

These suggestions are just top of mind, OP. So this is definitely not exhaustive by any means but it makes for a good start and hope it helps!

Kinda hard to judge who would do more for you between her and merlin as both excel at supercharging a single servant whereas waver can spread both his battery and buffs among two units so waver is definitely the number one priority for now if you ask me.
Skadi is less pressing as your quick options are a bit limited but she’ll still work nicely with them.
As for other budget options I’d definitely go with what other people have said so far, party-wide evade is a godsend and david is a good semi-support who can hit hard anyways.
I’d recommend cu but your lancers are already pretty good, though saving on party cost is always welcome.
Hans and Arash just make life a easier and I’d frankly recommend all of these over investing too much into skadi at the moment.
I’d recommend looking at waver as a long-time goal to chip away at while getting at least a few of the lower star servants up and running.
Having both mash and waver is a fantastic core than can keep almost any friend’s list servant with class advantage alive almost indefinitely if you feel inclined to play it slow, so waver’s defense up skill shouldn’t be overlooked either.
Though I do admit I myself always found raising supports and lower rarity DPS units a bit boring and often got sidetracked raising servants I knew would do less for me, fortunately FGO is a game that gives you enough breathing room to make such ventures not much of a problem.

[Looks at Okita and Jack, the two best ST quick DPS servants of their respective classes]

I meant that compared to the amount of servants they own that function well with waver(read: every servant and their mom).
Also making that work would require them to invest into even more 5 stars which would just be a major chore with all those skill levels.
Although if I made it sound like her synergy with quick servants is anything less than stellar then that is of course supremely wrong (and I seem to have overlooked jack entirely oops)

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Oh, yeah, Waver should (always) take first priority. But I tend to believe that investing heavily in a core team of three is the best way to start out, and while they may take longer to finish, a full team of top-tier SSRs will be worth the extra effort, early-on.

so first off guys Thank you so much for all the advice was defiantly not expecting this many replies :D . So it seems like I need to focus on Waver and Mash in the short term, and in the long term focus on Skadi and other DPS quick servants. and also level up a few more defensive servants too. Not going to lie tho, I’m hopefully going to pull Maid Alter tonight (for love) so hopefully she has some synergy with Skadi

Well, she’s not “haha NP spam go brrrr” even among ST units (which already depend on facecards for their own NP recursion), but an already strong NP explodes that much further with her.

NP1 Maid (Alter) neutral everything, with 2x Skadi without Skadi’s DEF Down (+30-60% more ATK), nor Malter’s Coaching self-stack (which is another +30% Quick Up when Skadi-focused comps already swim in it let alone with Malter, so there’s some diminishing returns here), and 2K HNS/Tenkihime
105,591-129,055 (117,323). Class adv, 211,181-258,111 (234,646).
Class adv, Coaching self-stack, 2x DEF Down: 344,539-421,103 (382,821).
And even in terms of facecards it’s not like she can’t put in good work their either. Any Skadi comp makes stars easily, and you still have Quick-specific crits. She’s an acceptable big nuke, if you can work around her mediocre at best NP generation.

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Honestly, chances are that you’re right in that assessment so I’m not gonna butt in.
That’s just how I’d have gone about it.

Maid Alter definitely has good Skadi synergy, in that she is a good attacker with 2 quicks and a quick NP. Maid uses a lot of quick buffs herself, though, so she doesn’t stack as well with Primordial Rune as she could, but she will still do good work. Maid is just basically a ST-NP-nuke stat-stick, she doesn’t really work well in most precise team strats, but she’s perfectly fine as a generic quick pointwoman.

I’d definitely suggest prioritizing Okita and/or Jack over Maid, but you should play whomever you like the most, as they will all get the job done.

As for prioritization, my angle:

  • Waver (at least max S3 -> S1 -> S2)
  • Skadi (same order)
  • Mash (at least 6/6/6, or 6/6/10)

Moving onto:

  • Raikou (Lancer) (prioritize S2/3 if wanting to get the most out of her supportive power, otherwise bring S1 up to par with most priority alongside her Buster Up)
  • CasGil (6/6/6, 9/9/9)
  • Surfdred (10/10/10, can take priority above the prior two if wanting to focus on her refund farm)

Long-term, not a particular order past the first:

  • JTR (9/-/-)
  • Karna (-/9/9)
  • Carmilla (can skip if you prefer JTR or are minmaxing in general, otherwise can replace JTR if disliked; personally mine is staying at 9/-/- for the foreseeable years)
  • Okita (9/6/9 is good)


  • Nero
  • KiyoLancer
  • Rishtar
  • Emiyalter
  • TamaLancer
  • Heracles/Cu (Alter)

Preferentially followed. Personally I’d sooner Rishtar -> EMIYA -> Emiyalter -> Nero -> Heracles/Cu (Alter), primarily the first 3, ignore the rest, but TamaLancer’s anti-Male niche can still put in good work. You can get by without Herc assuming a highly developed roster, but he’s an effective frontline member of backline clean-up/soloist. Assuming equal NP levels all around KiyoLancer is kind of out of a job with Tamamo existing bu whatever. The 9s can be turned into 10s based on taste and I would recommend for most valued points (e.g. JTR, Okita, Karna’s steroids), but I won’t tell you how specifically to use your lores for your preferred or not-preferred units. Swap categories 2 and 3 if less interested in farming - while retaining CasGil as someone to give priority to regardless, as a supportive unit and thus always useful even if only with specific applications as he has - I just went farming -> ST points for convenience, and because CQs/bosses can be soloed while the difference between 3~5T and beyond farming is appreciable.

Waver/Skadi/Mash can all help a lot. I agree with Tetra and others that those would be good first priorities.

Now, as for others that have a lower priority, what do your mats/qp stashes look like? That may help you decide between some servants, all other things being equal.

well I went pretty hard recently, so I have essentially the 2 stores in the current event purchased out, I finally got Karna/Okita/Cu to max. the only 2 things Im super low on are gears and Hearts. and I’m not going to Lie im a big Emiya fanboy, hence why hes lvl 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow thank you soo Much for this plan this is great. just thinking of all the mats needed it kinda overwhelming lol especially Hearts which I have the worst luck with dropping

I got you covered - or rather, someone else does, I’m just the delivery person. Emphasis on its newest feature.

One: I love me some EMIYA too, he’s a good lad.
Two: Congrats on all the new maxes.

And happy to help.

But I do have a question, Considering we are getting the Chloe runback early next year, would it be wise to invest more into Emiya Alter? Now im no pro at this game, but to me it seems like they both do the same thing (ST NP looping) but Chloe does it better