Looking for the Best wyrmprint combination for Dragonyule Cleo

Just a few weeks ago I noticed that my strongest team was the water atunned, and i went a little over the edge and started upgrading my favorite water hero, Dragonyule Cleo. Now im at the end of that mision. I have all her mana circles and a fully unbind gorelust and a almost lvl 90 leviathan, the only thing im still thinking over and over is the two wyrmprints I should use, i want to use the newly released Twinfold bonds and the Prince of Dragonyule wyrmprint as Cleo’s wyrmprints but I dont know if that would be the Best mix overall, can I please have some opinions on this?

I think your plan to use Twinfold Bonds and the Prince of Dragonyule is solid. The new Twinfold Bonds is probably the strongest single wyrmprint for any dagger unit - It gives most of the benefit of Flash of Genius while ALSO maxing out your skill damage boost.

For the second wyrmprint, the standard dagger suggestions would be 1) Levin’s Champion for added crit, 2) Stellar Show for improved force strikes, or 3) a strength boosting print like Bonds Between Worlds or Jewels of the sun. I don’t have sim numbers, but I think Stellar Show is best if you’re worried about overdrive and either or the other options otherwise.

HOWEVER, as Cleo is a water unit she does get access to the Prince of Dragonyule. Again, I don’t have any sim numbers to back it up, but I think PoD is a solid upgrade over LC or the strength prints. So again, I think your plan to use Twinfold Bonds and Prince of Dragonyule is a good one.