Looking forward to Swallow Slaying EX

Mine is ready. Level 90, 10/6/10…

Now I feel like an update to a character you like is always nice, some of my favorites have been really blessed (Emiya and Siegfried)
And I look forward to this batch of updates even beyond Sasaki, with Paracelsus, Hassan, OG Saber and in general many needed NP ups.

But I do feel like Sasaki basicly got two NP ups build in one.
Basicly a normal interlute gets the base power boosted by 33,3% and a boosted/extra effect (most of the time)
The extra effect Sasaki gets is a boost of 20% quick up for 3 turns, on a servant with basicly 4 quick cards and star gen focussed kit. Might be overhyping that, but I feel like the boost he gets is pretty damn good and a step above the average NP up.

Ofc I don’t think this will make him the new god of the assassin class. Sasaki is still a servant with very low base stats. But it’s nice.

So I also wanna ask. For whom you feel did the NP interlute matter more than avarage, and who really would make amazing use out of one?
For me Gil and Fuuma come to mind too.
And I think someone like Chiyome or Moriarty as servants who could really use even just the damage up.


And in all of this, i understood nothing.
Did i miss something?


He probably means this. I for one am waiting for Arthuria’s.


Alright a TL;DR version:
Sasaki Kojiro NP interlute is soon, happy with that.


I think he’s speaking about the servant rank ups this anniversary.

I’m personally looking forwards to OG Saber’s, Stheno’s Nightingale’s and Medusa’s. Paracelsus’ will be pretty significant too.

Edit: Saber gets a battery. :ok_hand:


Yeah there’s a ton to look forward to.


No Passionlip isnt involved sadly.

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A lot of Servants would benefit from one actually since they have “potato damage”, which is mainly a result of either lower stats compared to their competition (typically of higher rarity), or because the competition already HAS an NP Interlude.

Why they don’t just give every Servant one is beyond me. :feh_lucyshrug:

He already has one though. Unless you’re referring to CasGil.

Agree, he needed an interlude!

Worded that a bit weird.
What I meant to say is that Gil’s NP damage after interlute is through the roof, getting an NP damage up 30% on top of the standard base damage up.

In general I don’t think every servant needs one.
Lancelot Saber already deals great damage now, for example.
But someone like Chiyome who’s an arts servant with barebones damage, or Moriarty who’s so extremely focussed on a NP could use it very well.
Li Shuwen, Emiya Alter and Emiya Assassin are arts servants who got one and I think that helps em a lot.


Same, it would be the best if we also get her animation update along with it.


11 more sq for skadi and 11 awesome upgrades for me! Kojirou and cu have been bond 10 forever, but we’ll have to play again soon with these updates. Didn’t realize demyia was getting one, that’s great! And my recently np4 CasCu is looking forward to less potato damage to go with his battery.

Everytime I read this thread title I see Swallowing EX


Imagine Arjuna Alter with NP buff, yea no. There are servants powerful enough that buffing them would disrupt balance even more.

NP buff is a balancing measure, some servants need them to be competitive and some don’t.




Almost every Caster and Assassin who hasn’t had an NP Interlude should get one, with arguable exceptions like JP’s Kama, who has a stupidly bloated kit with stacking Quick buffs, a 50% battery, and high gen stats.

CasGil definitely deserves an Interlude. Helena is at least comparable in power since her kit has the advantage of broad effectiveness, and she’s already had hers.

Jalter is another who deserves at least an NP Interlude. When Ishtar, already a very powerful and self-sufficient Archer, already has an NP Interlude in JP, Jalter of the declining Buster Crit meta could use some love.

Come to think of it, most Buster Servants deserve an NP Interlude considering the state of their card type. When base damage is your only claim to fame, and when your NP is the only type with 0 refund potential, you should hit hard if nothing else. As noted above, Arjuna Alter is an example of when NOT to grant an Interlude since his gimmick makes his damage ridiculous already.


In the future I want a Musashi NP interlude :fgo_musashi:

I know she already has a bloated kit but a man can dream

Now imagine they buffed her S1 :fgo_gudako:


I’d actually support that.

Conditionally outstanding kits are getting pushed more and more to the side as we keep getting these newer Servants who have the tools to force the best conditions for their damage output. Musashi’s dependence on face card and crit RNG combined with lack of battery skill and persistent damage buff make her a decent candidate for at least an NP Interlude IMO.

She’s pretty far from bad (she can see Sigurd in her rearview mirror if she squints), but again, with Ishtar (who didn’t need help competing with other Archers) getting one, Musashi definitely should be on that list.


I’m glad we’ve come to an agreement :fgo_ereshwoah:

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If they buff her damage anymore she’d crash the game. Now something to buff her np gain would be nice, even something broken like 10% for every two buster cards that you chain from her :smiley:

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