Looking to raise a 3* archer

I got David NP4, Euryale NP3, Robin Hood NP5, and Billy the Kid NP5.

Was wondering who would benefit me more or is most useful in the future
Also wondering what to do about excessive amounts of 3’s
Do i make them NP 5 or get rid of?

Let me know if you need any info

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Euryale -> David -> Robin -> Billy

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Don’t burn any 3* servant until you np5 them.
Euryale is a male killer, she does insane damage and provides utility through her stuns.
Robin hood does high NP damage(especially when the enemy is poisoned)
David has the best Merlin synergy and also gives utility through his teamwide evade.
Level Euryale to help you against any males.
If you enjoy using Arts, Robin. Buster, David.
Leave Billy for now because he needs support to work well.

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Good damage, good utility, and overall strong archer servant.

Also strong, but less useful than David aside from a specific niche.

Amazing boss killer. Other than that, hard to find a use for him.

Strong crits, strong NP. Good overall but low NP generation.

From what is there, David pays the greatest dividends among the ones you listed.

You may also want to look into Tawara Touta. Great AoE servant, good generation stats, and has a team max HP buff. His anti-demonic buff is also deceptively useful.

Make NP5, then burn the excess ones.

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Right now I have lv 100, 10/10/10 np5 David. I’m a bit biased but he’s a super good servant and has pretty much everything, Offense, Defense, Healing, Support. Combining David + Mash + Merlin creates a near invincible team since you can set up team evade/invincible every 3 turns and never get hit by an enemy np.


One important thing to consider is that Christmas 2019 is coming up. The final farming node has a 400k+ hp saber that Robin is pretty well suited for. Leveling his skills isn’t very important but getting him to level 70 with NP 5 will make it much easier to clear unless you already have someone like Gil ready for it.


currently my only archer is Emyia Alter, seems i will need him

Also kind of depends on where you are in the story. You definitely want Euryale leveled for Camelot but past that DW nerfed charm setups hard and basically all male bosses and CQs get some kind of resistance or immunity to stuns. She still hits hard but her usefulness drops significantly after Camelot. David is good, especially if you don’t have Jeanne, Merlin, or Tristan. Teamwide evade is kind of essential for endgame content.

But also, like Yendolin said, Robin Hood is part of the F2P 3-turn farming setup for the Christmas Lotto this year. See: Xmas Lotto Prep

Conclusion: David is probably your best bet but if you haven’t beat Camelot level Euryale at some point before you get there. If you plan to go ham on the Christmas lotto focus on Robin Hood first. Billy is trash.

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As someone who grailed Robin to 100…

Euryale > David > Billy

I last finished Agartha, I have not started Shimousa because i feel im not ready for it with my current line up but who knows, maybe just me.

I have Ozy as my only 5*

For my my 4’s i have regular Saber Nero, Vlad extra, Eliz Lancer, Emyia Alter, Nitocris, Berserker of El Dorado/ Penthesilea, Ibaraki Douji, Mecha Eli, Jeanne Santa Alter lancer, Mash ,Nursery Rhyme, Heracles, Parvati and Altria alter Lancer

3’s and below i have Arash and Hans Anderson

I havnt finished lvl and ascension for Parvati, Nursery Rhyme, Heracles, Elis Lancer, Jeanne Santa lily lancer

I love Euryale the best but she’s really not great going forward. David will be very good for Shimousa, especially if you want to go for bond point bonus strats. But even if you don’t, you will won’t be able to rely on friend supports for most of the boss fights and having teamwide evasion of your own will make it so much more tolerable.

One other thing to think about is that the welfare for Christmas 2019 (Altera the San(ta)) is a good archer. I dunno if you looked at the Christmas lotto thread but in case you didn’t the F2P setup is Santera, Robin Hood, Arash, Mozart, with a friend support Waver.

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Euryale is pretty overrated. I was able to make good use of her during Onigashima and… that’s about it. She is not necessary to brave the trials of Camelot, and given that charmlocking is less effective in the future (and the fact she does jack shit against females), just borrow an Orion in her stead.

Robin Hood and David are your best choices, with a decent argument available for Billy, especially in a post-Skadi era. Robin is best used as previously mentioned for nuking single targets with his great NP (with poison), and David is awesome as both a damage dealer (for his class and rarity) as well as invaluable utility due to his tramwire evasion and Charisma.

If you had to choose just one, then David. Otherwise, try and raise them all.

euryale is always good to have. raise her to shred male bosses easily, then robin hood for nuke damage against other enemies. david is all about his 2nd skill(his np hits hard tho) and finally billy

David is arguably the best 3* in the game.
If you have a limited roster, he is by far the best pick, because his teamwide evade won’t be just a strong tool, but almost a necessity in certain fights.

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I don’t dispute that David is pretty good, but I just have never really gotten into using him. Generally speaking, I very rarely let an opposing team get to charge their NPs in the first place–I’ve always played more offensively than defensively, even before I had my own Merlin (where I mostly relied on Hans and then Georgios for taunting). Frankly, because of this, I’ve rarely even used Mash since about the 2nd or 3rd singularity.

Of course, in the really hard challenge quests where survivability needs to be handled seriously, David has a lot of utility (though remember it’s an evade and not an invul, so has more vulnerability against anything with Sure Hit). And given that from what I gather even invincibility gets less useful in the future, so too would David suffer. Also remember that this is a 1-hit evade, so if there are multiple opposing enemies, and the NP is not first, you can get hosed. I also find his heal to be rather weak, just 800 at even L10.

Robin was my main archer DPS, and even now, is my strongest ST when the target is female or non-gendered, if he can land his poison (debuff res is his biggest achilles heel). And if he can, at L10 it has 100% uptime so it doesn’t have to be timed with his NP (and could be timed with debuff res down if there’s someone to apply that). It also has up to a 15% ATK down debuff (3T only), which is a nice defensive bonus for the team.

She’s not overrated at all. Againt male saber and male berserker, she’s the best at what she does. Eeven against other male servant she’s useful. It’s not for nothing that in appmedia she’s SS. Strong niche with great NP, useful skill and good magic res.

David is useful too obviously but not in the same field as Euryale. Both deserver to be raised to the max and you can even grailed Euryale.

Talking baout David remind me that I have still my Tristan NP2 at lvl 1 :fgo_illya: (bu priority is for Endiku hehe)

Orion outclasses her in every way except NP gain and charmlocking. Higher card damage, higher durability, better general purpose, and lower cooldowns. Euryale in comparison hits like a wet noodle outside of her NP, and her damage is virtually nonexistant versus female or non-male-traited enemies.

Really, Orion just trades the ability to charm(lock) in favor of better everything else. Euryale is by no means superior. She’s just an acceptable alternative for players who either don’t have access to an Orion themselves or one in their support list.

(And yeah, this is all considering Orion NP1 versus Euryale NP5. NP2+ Orion pretty much makes her obsolete in terms of damage)

I thought everyone understood AppMedia tier list was a joke?

You’re right. David isn’t in the same field, because he doesn’t have an anti-male niche.

David is just a better choice because when considering between servants to raise, you’re best served by going with one that’s the most general purpose, which he is. Euryale’s niche stops at male Sabers and Berserkers, and is again outclassed by an Orion support you can borrow. This is not to say leveling her isn’t worthwhile, though. I reiterate the sentiment given in my original post and say you could (and probably should) raise them all.

Euryale is not overrated specifically in terms of her damage potential vs Males/her claim to fame as a budget anti-Male nuke.

A 27% charge presents MLB IE/Kscope synergy, which for the purposes of farming is frequently enough to get the job done, no less when factoring in typical supports and her Arts up. Charm’s unfortunately is something of a dead skill when used for melting guys or if you’re just focused on killing asap, but eh.

136K before any other modifiers and easier gauge building - the latter is so important - all alone is plenty fine for the purposes of nuking, and that increases with the more native Arts-based supports you have to support her, such as her in a multi-bar fight against a Male Saber in SW 2 and winning in 5T (granted this is an event with damage buffs, but it’s not difficult to find examples of her getting the job done as needed outside of stuff like that or Onigashima). Considering Euryale specifically always being heralded as a budget anti-Male nuke, anything describing her by those standards is a pretty fair assessment. Appmedia’s actual reasoning is pretty on-point as well. Being able to reach a minimum of 462K with just support Waver, 2K HNS (easy), and 2004’s NP Up drives that point home. Frequently, IME, all you need is a nuke, and if you have that on hand battles become much simpler since protracted battles just extend the risk of something going wrong.

But it’s hardly controversial to say Orion is overall better, which he straight up is. More bulk in an Evade and DEF+, more basic card consistency in a 3T ATK+, more (read: any at all) party support in strongly scaling crit chance down, coupled with a basic ATK down to stack with DEF+, and pip reduction. And considering NP1 Orion hits for 152K at with L10 Punish, if charge is no issue to you (superscope, various 50% + effect pure ATK CE, w/e), well yeah he’s just going to wreck faster while being more consistent and inherently more splashable by not being so hyperspecialized. Offensively, it’s the difference between more consistent eviscerating within the niche (Euryale’s NP always proccing the SE, Orion’s being every 5T), and better spam (Orion’s gen is mediocre even if not Kerry, or Nyanta (without her gen skill up), levels outside their ideal comps, while Euryale’s kit inherently lacks that issue).

True, although I’d place them both in the second-best category myself regardless which makes it something of a moot point when we’re in agreement with the most salient point (raising everyone). Both are widely useful by nature, David’s team support just lends him to more flexibility with when you want to bring him out, even if it’s mostly courtesy of HoH which is silly and wonderful. I feel like it’s telling that the only units DW has ever given such a skill are: Him, Tristan, and Merlin. Wildly useful.


They all seem good, I did Robin for HUGE damage